Pinterest Challenge Duo- complete!

We did it- Mom and I pulled out our first Pinterest Challenge, a fabulous idea dreamed up by the blogging pros among pros (and this round guest hosted by this sparkly gal and this chipper gal) to get us all hands-on-to-those-pinned-ideas-we’ll-never-actually-do-otherwise. So, here’s what we accomplished- this post is a two-parter, begins with signage and ends with sandwiches!

Mom first…

I have my first arts and craft show featuring my jewelry coming up in June. I have been pinning tons of booth ideas. I have been really busy making many of them. So, for my first Pinterest Challenge, I will show you my sign project. I found a pin that was “Free Must-Have Fonts.” I had a few oval canvas boards that had been laying around for years, so that is perfect. I love it when I have everything I need for a project. DSC_0003

My first plan was to paint the canvas with black chalkboard paint. I happened to have a bottle in my paint cupboard. I knew I wanted to do something with chalkboard paint someday. This is the day! So I brushed it on. Easy so far.


This is the font I chose. I printed it out for a reference. If I had planned to take more time, I would have enlarged it and made stencils from it.


I decided to free-hand it instead and I drew the letters out the best I could. I used my chalk line pen that I use for quilting. It’s very sharp and I needed something white to show the letters on black.


This is the hard part. Getting my letters perfect as possible. Perfect they are not, but I think it turned out cute.


This will sit on my chippy yellow $4.00 chair that I use for photos. I plan to place it at the front corner of my tent and sit the sign on the chair. It’s a little wonkie, but it will look cute when the whole set up is all together. My first Pinterest Challenge is complete. TahDah…!


So, Lindsey here now… Yeah Mom! Love the combo of the cool new font on stark black matched with the chippy yellow chair. I wish I could be there for your show! But glad we have our blog to share in the preparations 🙂

For my Pinterest challenge, I picked this crazy looking sandwich that I pinned a few weeks ago from Big Girls Small Kitchen, a fabulous foodie blog I recently discovered. I liked the concept of this bizarre sounding sandwich (eggs and eggplant?) and I would never normally cook anything just to go onto a sandwich, so this was the perfect Pinterest Challenge for yours truly. Obviously the full details and recipe are on their site, but I did a slightly simpler version… and an also slightly botched version cuz I kinda rushed it :-/ Step one, slice thin the eggplant and salt liberally to draw the water out. I did this when I got home from work (as well as put eggs on to boil) so all this was doin’ its thing while I was doin’ my thing.

sweating eggplant

After squeezing it dry with tea towels (or paper towels), I totally messed up and put it in the oven on parchment DRY— oops. That gives you eggplant chips. I realized this 10 minutes in and pulled it out and quickly slathered it in some olive oil. This gives you fried chips. Ugh. I finally kind of worked it out after some blotting, further roasting, etc and after a little more slicing (thin slices of cucumber, sliced hard-boiled egg, chopped cilantro), the major players were ready.

the players

I opted to simplify things and use mayo with the cilantro sprinkled on top instead of making the tahini based herb sauce in the recipe. I’m a workin’ girl after all, can only handle so much on a weeknight!assembly

Ta da! I think my final product, despite some eggplant problems, turned out pretty similar-looking to the original! And, as surprised as I honestly was, it was delish! Kind of like an egg salad sandwich with thin slices of eggplant. Pinterest Challenge dunzo!

done sami

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Duo- complete!

  1. Hey girls… way to go! Pam it totally made me smile that we did such similar projects. I have to ask, did you use your quilt pen to just outline or to also fill in the letters? The hardest part of my project was getting a sharp edge and I’m thinking about trying it with a chalk pen some time. Any tips?

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