One trick pony, or master of parenthood?

After a two year hiatus, I want to get back to the blog. Given my last post was regarding O’s 2nd birthday, what better to start back off than planning another birthday party? This kid is 4 years old in two days! In these last two years, he has, well, he’s gotten two years older. He’s a shrewd negotiator- “But mom … it’s only one… I’ll be careful… ” He’s also morphed into a night owl. Our baby who practically dove into his crib on cue each night now hangs out in his bed until 10pm, sometimes wandering out for various distractions/requests, sometimes just playing around “secretly.” He actually told us– “Dad, when you put me to bed sometimes, I get out of my bed.” Uh huh, we know. He also grew up a lot in this past year, becoming a big brother, and beginning official preschool in lieu of the home daycare program he was in for 3 years. He’s an adaptable kid and is thriving with each of these big changes, thankfully. I wanted to take him to dinner just the two of us one night, having focused so much on the new baby recently, and he cried that he didn’t want to leave his baby behind! He loves her that much. I hope it lasts, because the sibling love is so beautiful!
So, back to O’s party planning- this will be… drumroll… a farm party! Again! Granted, we will hold it at the Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum instead of Frying Pan Farm Park where we did his 2nd. But he loves the little museum, it’s simple, and why reinvent anything in a phase of life that is already challenging enough? Hence the title of this post. I booked the little party space, ordered a few party items to supplement the farm themed supplies I had leftover from last time at the same website as before, ordered a gift on Amazon, sent an Evite to the usual kid-family friends and, voila, party planning complete. The food will include the usual array of single serving fun snacks (goldfish, fruit snacks we picked up last shopping trip at Aldi), sandwich platter, cake… and deviled eggs. Deviled eggs were recently decided to be our ‘thing’ to make for all functions. After reading a post about how minimalist moms conquer working motherhood, I decided doing what’s simple and works is best for us, even if it’s often the same. Because I’d rather be engaged and participatory, even if it’s in a predictable quick fire kind of way, than scattered and overwhelmed by coming up with something new constantly. What theme birthday party should we do this year? … leads to… Forget it, this is exhausting, who has the energy for planning kid parties? Who has the time to cook for social gatherings? We’ll just skip or arrive feeling guilty with the usual excuse “oh gosh, we have a new baby, couldn’t be bothered [hand on forehead in exasperated manner]!” No good. I’m just deciding many things don’t have to be that complicated. Yes, my kid has the same birthday cake plates and little decorations at his 4th birthday party as his 2nd birthday party. But, he didn’t have a party at all turning 3! 😦  I’ll pick the same plate pattern over skipping out altogether any day. Yes, we will now bring the same thing to every potluck, church event, work lunch, etc. But we always have eggs, the instant pot makes hard boiling a batch a cinch, O thinks it’s fun to take off the shells, and Chad has a particular egg filling mixture using honey mustard that he enjoys making, so this one is a no stress item for us and works for everything. Also, it’s chocolate-free, nut-free, and vegetarian so works for almost everyone (sorry, vegans). We can even make it Whole 30 compliant when necessary! For that matter, I’d rather write a quick imperfect blog post than put it off for two years in the name of perfect pictures and prose. So, invite us to your next shin dig and you can always count on us for the protein.  If you’re coming to our thing, you can bet you’re safe wearing jeans and a straw hat.

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