Junk O Rama Prom Night

Part two of our recent vacation to Junk Gypsy Antiques Week.


We spent a day shopping the fields and then we decided to get to the prom area early to relax and get a seat until everyone arrived. It was hotter than hot and humid. Rog found two areas for lounging and we took advantage of it. This is one of the photo booths for the prom attendees.


This is the bar area before it was set up. The Junk O Rama Prom is usually in one of the barns. But this year, due to the JG’s (Junk Gypsies) opening the new store, they went this route. I’m sure they were exhausted getting this year ready. The girls said next year it would be back in the barn. This bar was set up to feature Miranda Lambert’s new wines.


This is one of the seating areas Junk Gypsy style. There’s my guy. I still can’t believe he took me to all this. He’s a prince! (Rog actually really enjoyed the whole thing! )


This was one of the fireplace mantels. It too was a great photo op for many.


Like this couple…


and these girls.


Love this group of friends. This is very typical of the way people came dressed. Next time I would love to dress up for it.


This is a picture of Miranda Lamberts label.


By the looks of my hair, you could imagine how hot it was. Whew!


Finally they arrived. This is Aime Sikes. She is a doll.


The whole crew was finally there. Jolie Sikes is in the long black dress on the left.


The Junk Gypsies graciously posed for pics with anyone who wanted a picture. So this is a sample of the Junk O Rama Prom. I’m sure you could Google them (or see their blog posts on the events here) to see all the professional shots that were taken that night. I still can’t believe I was actually there. We left soon after the arrival because we needed some dinner and a good night’s sleep. We were headed to Sedona the next day…

Back From Junk Gypsy Antiques Week

We are back from almost 3 weeks of travel. It was a wonderful time and we added almost 5000 miles to our car. Whew! The whole trip was planned around the Round Top Texas Antiques Week that I had learned about from watching the Junk Gypsies on HGTV. It is a twice a year sale of everything wonderful from vintage ephemera to European antiques. The Junk Gypsies and their family have their own tent and put on the Junk O Rama Prom every year. What a hoot. They also opened their first store in Round Top TX on their family homestead the very weekend I arrived. So I was beside myself to get there. The antiques week spread across miles of small Texas towns and farm land. It is really something to see. Our first stop was the Junk Gypsy’s new store and I was the biggest groupie and didn’t care. As soon as I arrived in the parking lot, there was Amie, the curly blond Junk Gypsy of the duo. She was tiny and cute as a bug and ever so friendly.

This is the new store in their ever so famous Junk style. It was beautiful and mobbed with excited shoppers.



They had pretty gardens all around the shop. The water tank is one of my favorite quotes.


Rog and I went inside and low and behold, both Amie and Jolie were there, and I couldn’t stop grinning once they said, “sure you can take a picture with us.”


If you think I look excited there, you should have seen the picture I deleted. There is a point. I was very happy though. They spent time answering our questions and were sweet as could be.


We headed towards the back of the store and there were the girls’ parents. They are frequently on the show with them. They too were accommodating and friendly. We took pics with them but I think I was so flustered to get the oh so important pics that I started to get blurry shots due to bumping a button that I hadn’t realized. So the picture of Roger and the parents is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.


This is the check out counter.



The photo of “The Sheltons” pistol sign is from Blake Shelton and their good friend, Miranda Lambert’s wedding . They decorated the venue for the reception. That was one of the episodes of their show on HGTV. The two girls grew up with Miranda Lambert and word has it that she was in town visiting her mom and helping  Aime and Jolie get the store opened up. Some people we talked to  had seen Miranda in WalMart and eating in some of the restaurants along the antiques trail. Evidently people left her alone to enjoy time with her mom and friends.


I also took this shot with  Jolie and Amie’s father’s permission. I had to have a long horn steer in my vacation shots and this particular steer is a very old guy that the girls used to ride when they were young.





So yes, I was ridiculously happy to see and meet the whole family and to touch the halls of Junk Fame.  We did ask when they will again have new shows. Right now it is all reruns. Aime said they had just finished shooting some new episodes in Knoxville. Knoxville is HGTV headquarters. Can’t wait to see what they do next. I will share more later on the antiques week and the Junk O Rama Prom. So exciting! 🙂

Annie Slaon Paint Project


Well I finally get to start my first furniture project with Annie Sloan paint. I have been wanting to use this stuff after all the hype I have heard on blogs. I did buy a  little mini jar to paint one of my cigar boxes and it was like “buttah”.  Annie Sloan is a line of chalk paint and wax that requires NO PREP. Its hard to believe, but she states that is will cover just about anything. It’s tough stuff and gives such a soft look. I was really excited to try the wax. I would love to do my kitchen cabinets in it, which Annie Sloan highly recommends, but we’ll see how this goes. I painted all my kitchen cabinets many moons ago in another house and swore I’d never do that again. We’ll see. This was a black headboard that we got Lindsey for her twin when she went off to grad school. So now I plan to use it in the extra guest room. This is one coat of Annie Sloan Versailles color. It’s wonderful to use. It is $36.00 a quart, so I hoped it would cover well. I will do another coat.


Normally I would be painting in the garage, but since we are 45 or more inches of rain over the norm for this year so far, we are getting a bit of humidity, so I opted for my studio. Here is the start of the chest I got for $40.00 at an estate sale. It was really clean and the joints are tight. It will be great extra storage for linens and whatever else I add.


 I cant believe I was wearing a Sloans Hardware shirt to paint with Annnie Sloan paint. There is no connection. This is the first coat on the chest.


I completed everything and still have a little less than a 1/2 quart left. It dried nice and I love the wax finish. I brushed on the wax with a cheap Home Depot brush and hand rubbed it until is was a nice sheen. It dries pretty quickly and I will definitely use this paint again. Here is the furniture in the room.


I am really happy with the color. I completed my quilt that was intended for our king size bed and thought I would just finish it as a twin quilt. That was my inspiration for color of the walls and furniture. I’m happy I can use my vintage ladder in this room. I’m not done with the decorating details yet and the headboard needs to be attached to the frame, which Roger is doing as we speak.



This is going to be my Tennessee critter suite 🙂 That is the quilt that I blogged about making last year. The owl picture is on the left wall and was a picture I took up in the mountains after a deep snow. I was thrilled with this gift of opportunity. He just stared at me long enough to take the picture and off he was.


My mom gave me this lovely alabaster lamp that was in the house that they just bought. I was drooling and she said I could have it. So I bought a beautiful silk shade and I think it works perfect in this room.


I love this Annie Sloan paint and would highly recommend it. It’s so cute, I may have to sleep in there once just to see how it feels. If any of you have a furniture makeover project, please send it to us so we can see the before and after.

Christmas Visit To Lindsey and Chad’s

I love the DC area. There is so much to do. We arrived on Friday before Christmas and the kids were working, so we decided to take in the historical downtown of Leesburg. The architecture is so beautiful and it is full of shops and pubs. I wanted to spend more time there, but we had much planned. I WILL BE BAAACK ! Anyway, I took some shots of a shop that was right up my cottage alley. It was incredible. I took their card so I could blog the name of the shop, but have since lost it. If I find it, I will let you know. This particular shop was full of vintage cottage.

Christmas 2012 026

This darling shop is a gourmet and gift shop filled with wonderful cooking items. I didn’t take any photos inside, but I sure did on the outside. The cement pots were filled with the most beautiful ornamental cabbages. I took a lot of close ups and plan to do some graphic kaleidoscope designs with them.

Christmas 2012 009

Christmas 2012 012

Aren’t the colors beautiful?! Next year I plan to fill my brick garden box on my front steps with these. They last all winter. I’ll  share the kaleidoscope designs I create when I get them done.

Christmas 2012 024

This is the first pic of the inside of the two story shop I fell in love with. I apologize for forgetting the name.

Christmas 2012 023

Christmas 2012 022

I love the lampshades. There is a use for everything.  You get so many ideas when you visit places like this.

Christmas 2012 021

Christmas 2012 019

Christmas 2012 018

Love that big blue shutter. I would paint it red for my house.

Christmas 2012 017

I could have bought the store…but Roger was with and you all know how we don’t need things… we just want them. I left satisfied with my cottage design fix and some great pics to drool over. The prices were good I thought, but not as good as finding things cheap in a Good Will or an estate sale. I definitely want to go hit some estate sales in Northern Virginia! We then headed off to a quaint bistro with tables for two and four with white table cloths, a Christmas tree and great food.

Christmas 2012 008

I need to sit up straight for photos. This picture is one of many that have inspired me to take off weight. So I am now confessing to the world that I will do it. More to come on that topic.
After a great lunch of soup and and an egg salad sandwich, we were off  to Reston Town Center. Rog really wanted to take me there. What was he thinking? I could buy beautiful vintage things for $20.00, but he wanted to take me to Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, William Sonoma, and other high end, fun shops. It was a beautiful place with all outdoor shops with beautiful trees and Christmas lights in a planned community. Very fun. But Christmas was in a few days and I was good. Well this was day 1 of our visit. We went home to greet the kids as they arrived home from work and spend time with our grand-dog, Ollie. Lindsey and I planned out some of the things she wanted to do while we were there. First, she wanted to make the hot chocolate candy canes that we found on Pinterest, as she has already shown you, then she wanted to make a door swag with a winter feel, so she could keep it up beyond Christmas. We had a few items on her menu to make and some cookies to frost, as well. I came with my cookie supply, and the tools and wire to make her swag.  Then we all put on our lounging uniforms and it was good.

Bargain Cottage Style Decor

Saturday we decided to spend the day in a little town called Sweetwater TN. The town is loaded with antique shops and great little restaurants and gift shops. I never thought Roger would go, but he thought it would be fun to check out some of the “antique” (good junk) shops I peruse from time to time. I’ve got him watching Junk Gypsies with me on HGTV. He thinks the stuff they do is pretty cool, so he thought he’d like to go along. Well, if he would have had a pocket full of money he probably would have had a truck full of stuff (his stuff). He loves the gas station antiques. Maybe someday he can have his own gas pump all refurbished. Maybe?!

We had a great lunch and then we hit the shops. I am always on the look-out for cream McCoy pottery. I used to have a bunch of it in pastels, but I thought it was time to sell it off about 10 years ago and now I want it again. Oh well, we women do change our minds! It so happens Lindsey’s mother-in-law collects the McCoy pots and when I saw hers after not having them for so long, I wanted to start the old collection up again, but this time in creamy white only (although the green would look great in here too). I found this beauty, which is not a McCoy, but I loved it and it was only $4.80.  Roger just rolled his eyes and said, “I thought we weren’t collecting any more.” Just these dear. Isn’t it pretty? I have it on my coffee table. My friend down the street brought me flowers for my birthday that night and I plopped them right in the vase. It was meant to be. I’ve moved it around a bit. I like it best on the coffee table. It’s tall and I think this is the best fit. I can already picture holly and berries and evergreens in it for the holidays.

The two on the left are McCoy and the swan on the right is not marked. If anyone ever told me I would buy a swan, I would have thought they were crazy. We do change. I got it at an estate sale for $5.00 and I love it too. I painted the old cupboard that belonged to my great grandparents, a creamy white. Its filled with seasonal stuff. My home is filled with color, but there is nothing like white in cottage design.

Sunday was another birthday dinner with friends. We do a lot around food in this neighborhood. Had a great time!