Winter From *&#@ In Tennessee


Is everyone enjoying this wonderful winter. I know I am….not. I had cabin fever really bad and had to leave the cabin. I told Roger that I would be a changed woman when I came home. So I bought some nice blonde hair color and gave my winter mousey hair a lift. It worked. I feel better and my hair feels more full and springy. I’m growing it out for the last time before I turn 60 in July. It  is not easy growing your hair long anymore. But so far I am sticking to it. Oh…I also did some therapeutic shopping with my friend Caroline and brought home some springy- summer colored tops. It has started to snow again and I hid the razor blades. Just kidding.

I have been sewing like a crazy woman. Making blocks from scraps and piling them up for a future quilt. I have started a collage quilt that will be a garden trellis of Morning Glories. It is one that I use tiny scraps of batiks to create the fabric painting. When I’m done, it will be thread painted in detail and listed in my new Etsy Shop… Pam George Quilts. I still have my jewelry in the shop with greatly reduced prices. I will still carry fabric cuff jewelry and anything that has to do with fibers. Check out my shop at the same site for a month or so or click here


Happy Winter to you all. We are supposed to be 61 by Tues. 😉


  When I woke up this morning and before I posted the above, we got even more snow. And Mother Nature reminded me of how beautiful she is…even in the South. And I do appreciate her beauty. And I hold in my heart that it will be 61 by Tues.


DSC_0007Now Melt!

New Jewelry Too

I actually got the urge to create some new summer jewelry items. I really took a break from my etsy shop with all the health issues I was going through. I decided to destress wherever I could and still intend to stay in that mantra. OOHHMMMM! Namaste. 🙂  I have been walking and finally did get 8 lbs off (more to go). I do yoga at home and should get back to class, and of course the kayaking is both our new exercise regimen. It’s so nice to find exercise that you can’t wait to do. Anyway I digress. I’m simply going to show you some of my new pieces.

DSC_0020Green Aventurine and Amonizite

DSC_0002Summer colors in glass and Turquoise and Howlite

DSC_0010Czech Glass in Lime opaque and clear


Resin Zinnias in coral.


Sodalite and Czech glass. Most of these bracelets have a magnet that is so strong it will close itself. So easy. Well that is a glimpse of what I have been up to.

And now I’m off to see my little Oliver. Whoohooo…grandma can’t wait.

Show Time: Day 2…A Wash Out (Sob, Sniff, Sniff)

Needless to say, I went to bed at 8:45 Saturday night. Day one was exhausting! Lots of standing. We have threats of rain at this point. We have two power outages in the night. Rog is watching the ever awaited Women’s College Softball World Series and the TV is out. The game he was watching went into 15 innings and was over 5 hours long and the power went out at the bottom of the 7 th inning just after Nebraska tied the game. Not fair. I slept like a log and woke up to this.DSC_0042

Torrential down pours!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have standing water in our back walkway because the pond is spilling over like a river. I must tell you that Rog made me take all my jewelry down after Saturday in case this happened. We had taken anything decorative out also in case of winds. I am so glad we did. I feel so sorry for all those vendors that didn’t have side walls. Note to self… don’t do craft shows any more. Some people do this for a living, and I know I’m staying retired. I’m disappointed, and maybe it will clear up enough for later in the day. I will go back if it clears up…


By 12:30 Sunday the rain seemed to stop and we headed off to the show to tear down and bring home the wet mess. By this time we have had 4 1/2 inches of rain. We broke a record. The story of my life when I do craft shows. (One time I did a spring show with my mom and we had an April blizzard.) So many vendors evidently packed up the night before and left before the storm hit. But as we drove in, people were arriving to see the show… so we opened up the tent and set out two tables and put the jewelry out in a flat display and sold for 4 hours. Actually did quite well. So the Sunday wasn’t a bust after all. (Note to self…don’t do outdoor craft shows.) Well that is my craft show story and I’m sticking to it. Amen.

For  those that are thinking about entering into an art or craft show, this is how I got started. First you find shows in your area and apply. You have to send pictures of your work and pictures of your set up. I panicked when I had to say this was my first show.  I thought I would be shot down immediately. So I wrote a letter to explain in detail how I was planning my display to look and that I had a 10 x 10 white tent. I wrote sort of a resume of events I have done in the past, such as decorating committee of our Quilt show the past two years, to give them confidence that I knew what was expected of me. You then have a fee to pay and send in your forms and pictures with the check. Shows can run anywhere from $75.00 to $500.00 on up. Go with the price that fits your budget, especially when you are first getting started. I then had to wait until late May to know if I was in.  The rest of the time was spent creating props, decor, pricing items and getting business cards ready. Order plenty of biz cards. Business cards keep working for you long after the show is over. I’ve had a  lot more views on my Etsy shop since the show. We also had to  get the Square, which is free, to be able to accept credit cards. If you don’t have a data plan, then you could do like we did and get a prepaid data plan which needs no contract. It worked fine. That only cost me $15.00 and now we can turn it on for WIFI whenever we need it by buying another amount of data. Ask others that do shows for advice. I learned a lot from other Etsy members. And most of all, be prepared for a lot of work… but it was fun. I probably will do an indoor show this fall. I’m kind of thinking about it.


Show Time: Day 1

The jewelry show weekend series continues…DSC_0020

This is Roger, my wonderful hubby, that helps me with any wild idea I come up with. Thanks honey for all your hard work.

It’s a beautiful morning. We pick up Caroline at 7am…I really wondered if she would be awake, and she was perky and full of energy. Thanks, Caroline.


We arrive at 7:15 am with coffee carafes in hand. You feel the excitement in the air and the faint smell of grilled onions and elephant ears.


This part is definitely the tough part, not knowing if the layout works and since I have such a variety of jewelry, it’s kind of tough to figure out how to put it all together. We just worked away and we will rearrange as we need too. The window frames sure turned out cute with the wire and burlap behind.  We placed the shutter in the corner and Roger zip tied the ladder and shutter so there was no chance of falling down. I took pictures along the way. It really helps to take a shot and then you will see things pop out that doesn’t look right.


Rog set the check out on the side of the booth, so people can check out while others are shopping.


The finished booth.


Two excited cowgirls. Vendors that came by wanted to buy the aprons. I suppose that is what the people will want instead of jewelry. They did turn out pretty cute. I made big pockets in the tooled faux leather for money.  I hope the pockets will be big enough, hee hee.


My first customer. Barb is a neighbor and that sweetheart bought two pairs of earrings. Thanks Barb. You can see people starting to stroll the isles. Stations everyone. Day one has begun.

Jewelry Show Weekend: Set-up Day

This weekend was my jewelry show, so I’m going to fill you in on the show set-up process and how things during show weekend went over the next few days. Today, I’ll show you how I set up my booth for display. Friday was set-up day, so we loaded the car to the max and off we went. The day was finally here and I was so excited to put everything together. DSC_0002

Rog handled the tent for the most part. We had the perfect spot in the shade all day. Lake view on all sides. I’m feelin’ good. There was quite a breeze off the lake, but not a problem.



The hay bale was for scattering on the floor if it should rain. Sure hoped I wouldn’t need that. It was a beautiful day!


I created a chandelier effect by hanging this great wire basket with a glass liner. I just stuck a bunch of ferns and cherry blossom that I had laying around at home and I think it did the trick.


This was the final layout. I didn’t add jewelry until the wee hours Saturday morning. I was pretty happy with the layout. I’ll show you later how it looked when I added all the jewelry. Boy it’s a lot of work. I have never done an outdoor show before. I am so thankful for my friend Diana loaning me the tent. You simply couldn’t do it without one.

We had floral wreaths next to us and a wonderful Mad Scientist on the other side that sold candle lotion. It was unbelievable stuff. It was a soy wax base with wonderful fragrance. You light the candle, let a pool melt, blow it out and rub it on your skin. Wonderful stuff. I was a skeptic, but it was really nice.


My sweet little chippy chair. You can see that I revamped the sign a bit and then I had made another after seeing it on the blog. It made my name more visible.


So I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. Now for the jewelry part the next morning. Details on that tomorrow…

Annie Oakley Meets Lucy

I have been soooo busy lately with getting ready for my first jewelry art and craft show that takes place June 1st and 2nd. I’m having a ball doing it  too. That is the important part. I made the cutest aprons for Caroline and I to wear. They’re a hoot. I had this faux tooled leather that I have been planning to make a purse out of for the longest time. I have been cutting bits from it for bracelets and cigar boxes. Then I got this idea for the aprons.


I found several bright pretty florals in my fabric stash and ripped them at the length I needed for that true shabby chic gypsy cowgirl look.  First I cut the front panels of the faux leather and then the pockets for the CASH  I hope to bring in. I need my CASH for Round Top TX Antiques Week when we go in Oct. (Did I tell you how excited I am to see this event?!) Check it out here.

Here is a closer look at the apron. I was so lucky that the mannequin had the same waist as mine… just kidding. I can’t make the bow when I wear it :). The necklaces that she is wearing are more of my Tennessee necklaces that I have priced and ready to go. I made Caroline’s apron in two different bright fabrics. She has already asked if she can keep it. Of course she can!


I found a few great pieces that will be props for the show, then I may make spots for them in my home. The shutter is old and I still may give it a chippy white coat so my jewelry shows up better. The barn windows, I simply hosed off and Roger nailed hog wire to the backs so I can use the mini clothes pins to attach the earring cards and necklaces. They would make great jewelry hangers in a bedroom too. I’ll have to show you the one I created for our bedroom. It is a little more elaborate. It hangs behind my bedroom door and holds many necklaces.  It sure prevents chain tangles and keeps them out of the way. I could see the barn window painted in bright glossy colors… oh well, I digress.


The neighbors are always laughing at me when I drag birch branches home. We stuck these two in the back of the golf cart and took them from a refuse pile that was ready for pick up. Aren’t they beauties?! I think I will trim the branches and use them to drape bracelets across. These branches will be used in containers for Christmas decorations.DSC_0003

This ladder caught my eye as Caroline and I were walking out the door of a junk shop. I yelled, “how much,” he said “$25.00,” I yelled “$20.00” and he yelled “SOLD!” It was invigorating!


I have been making my jewelry cards from birch wrapping paper. I simply applied glue stick to the back of it and stuck card stock to it to give it some body. When it was dry , I used a  rotary cutter to cut the strips as I needed them and I have a hole punch for the earring  holes.


So now you are getting a sneak peak of the show preparation. I will take lots of pics to show the set up and completion. Now we have to hope for sunny weather.

Pinterest Challenge Duo- complete!

We did it- Mom and I pulled out our first Pinterest Challenge, a fabulous idea dreamed up by the blogging pros among pros (and this round guest hosted by this sparkly gal and this chipper gal) to get us all hands-on-to-those-pinned-ideas-we’ll-never-actually-do-otherwise. So, here’s what we accomplished- this post is a two-parter, begins with signage and ends with sandwiches!

Mom first…

I have my first arts and craft show featuring my jewelry coming up in June. I have been pinning tons of booth ideas. I have been really busy making many of them. So, for my first Pinterest Challenge, I will show you my sign project. I found a pin that was “Free Must-Have Fonts.” I had a few oval canvas boards that had been laying around for years, so that is perfect. I love it when I have everything I need for a project. DSC_0003

My first plan was to paint the canvas with black chalkboard paint. I happened to have a bottle in my paint cupboard. I knew I wanted to do something with chalkboard paint someday. This is the day! So I brushed it on. Easy so far.


This is the font I chose. I printed it out for a reference. If I had planned to take more time, I would have enlarged it and made stencils from it.


I decided to free-hand it instead and I drew the letters out the best I could. I used my chalk line pen that I use for quilting. It’s very sharp and I needed something white to show the letters on black.


This is the hard part. Getting my letters perfect as possible. Perfect they are not, but I think it turned out cute.


This will sit on my chippy yellow $4.00 chair that I use for photos. I plan to place it at the front corner of my tent and sit the sign on the chair. It’s a little wonkie, but it will look cute when the whole set up is all together. My first Pinterest Challenge is complete. TahDah…!


So, Lindsey here now… Yeah Mom! Love the combo of the cool new font on stark black matched with the chippy yellow chair. I wish I could be there for your show! But glad we have our blog to share in the preparations 🙂

For my Pinterest challenge, I picked this crazy looking sandwich that I pinned a few weeks ago from Big Girls Small Kitchen, a fabulous foodie blog I recently discovered. I liked the concept of this bizarre sounding sandwich (eggs and eggplant?) and I would never normally cook anything just to go onto a sandwich, so this was the perfect Pinterest Challenge for yours truly. Obviously the full details and recipe are on their site, but I did a slightly simpler version… and an also slightly botched version cuz I kinda rushed it :-/ Step one, slice thin the eggplant and salt liberally to draw the water out. I did this when I got home from work (as well as put eggs on to boil) so all this was doin’ its thing while I was doin’ my thing.

sweating eggplant

After squeezing it dry with tea towels (or paper towels), I totally messed up and put it in the oven on parchment DRY— oops. That gives you eggplant chips. I realized this 10 minutes in and pulled it out and quickly slathered it in some olive oil. This gives you fried chips. Ugh. I finally kind of worked it out after some blotting, further roasting, etc and after a little more slicing (thin slices of cucumber, sliced hard-boiled egg, chopped cilantro), the major players were ready.

the players

I opted to simplify things and use mayo with the cilantro sprinkled on top instead of making the tahini based herb sauce in the recipe. I’m a workin’ girl after all, can only handle so much on a weeknight!assembly

Ta da! I think my final product, despite some eggplant problems, turned out pretty similar-looking to the original! And, as surprised as I honestly was, it was delish! Kind of like an egg salad sandwich with thin slices of eggplant. Pinterest Challenge dunzo!

done sami

The Lucky Winner Is…. Danielle!

Today Is the give away of the green stretch bracelet and our avid follower , Danielle from Storypiece, is the lucky winner. She has her own blog at Storypiece that you should check out. She has a real fun post on making cards today.  Danielle has been following us since we started and we have followed her as well. Thanks Danielle and I hope you love your new bracelet! Happy blogging 🙂DSC_0002

Get Into the Give Away For A Stretch Bracelet From PeeGee Jewelry

I will be giving some lucky person a beautiful stretch bracelet from my Etsy Shop, PeeGee Jewelry on April 27th. All you have to do is go to my shop, PeeGee Jewelry and like an item. Then come back to our blog and let us know (leave a comment on this post) which item you liked. You will be entered into the drawing every time you report back to us. I have so many new things in my shop, so I thought I would treat someone for taking a look at my new items. I have been very busy and more items for summer are on the way. I am in the process of making my botanical pieces which includes my new Hosta necklaces and Fern necklaces. I also have been making some fun “Junk”  items for the avid flea market lover as well as some hand stamped “Mom” and “Sister” necklaces. So take a look and let me know what you think!  We love our readers, so why not treat them to a gift? Good Luck!




Upcycle or Just Plain Junk Love?

Let’s face it, the up-cycle, recycle make a silk purse from a pigs ear craze is here to stay for awhile and Lindsey and I just love it.


You save money, the hunt is so fun and then there is the refurbishing. Oh do we love to do that. You feel so full of pride when someone doubts that your latest find will be anything but an OLD FIND, and then it turns out to be the perfect chair or centerpiece. Our husbands are not doubters. They believe!  They have seen what can be done. They may shake their heads, but we are not shopping in high end stores for stuff to make us happy. I have watched The Junk Gypsies and just love what they do. Maybe it’s a little over the top for our homes, but the process is still the same for our finds. Twice a year in the Round Top Texas area, they have this huge yard sale, flea market, antiques week and I really want to go. People come from all over the world to shop there. I read about it on other blogs and in Country Living Magazine and Southern Living, so the suspense is killing me. Rog and I are going for the fall show. Whoohooo. I’m gonna wear my ka-boy boots too. I have read in other blogs that everyone is wearing something fabulous that they have made from something recycled or re-purposed. That’s the other word. There is a whole new language due to the junkin style. So I thought up this necklace and you all will be the first to see them. They are from my air dry clay.DSC_0001

Here are 3 newly made. They will take a day to dry. I stamp each letter individually because I like the randomness of the word. After they are dry, I seal them, glaze them and darken the word then seal again. I re-drill the holes and add bling and chain.


My messy studio.


My bling station.

DSC_0002This one is going to be my favorite, I can tell already.



The yellow chair is the one I drug home from… the thrift shop… down the road… for $4.99. (that song cracks me up. see? they’re even making songs about junkin’) I think the chair is a perfect photography prop. I’m going to use it in the craft sale I’m going to be in. That’s another story.



All the bling on these necklaces are vintage pieces. It’s so fun to find the jewelry and then break it up so it works where you need it. These are simple styles at affordable prices. I do intend to do some over the top jewelry though. So am I crazy? These will all be in my Etsy shop, PeeGee Jewelry.

Happy Junkin! Send us any photos you have of your repurposed items. We’ll share them on our blog.