Turning Pinners into Doers

Mom & I are participating in our first ever Pinterest Challenge! Basically, it’s a way to get us Pinterest-ers and bloggers to get going on and actually complete a fun project we’ve pinned at some point or another.

The concept was dreamed up and is hosted by four top notch bloggers: Emily from Sparkle meets Pop, Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love and Renee from Red Bird Blue. Visit their blogs because they are awesome and here and here you can find out more about the back story and details of the Pinterest Challenge. Mom and I will be participating by choosing something off of one of our Pinterest boards and finally getting down to business to create/cook/restore it… get the idea?

Let us know what projects you picked off of your boards by blogging about it and linking back (as well as linking back to the hosts Emily, Katie, Sherry and Renne whose links are above!), or send us a ditty on what you did so we can feature it here. Make sure to link and credit the original place the pin was from too! Sounds like lots of linking, but that part is easy and it’s great to share the love around the blogisphere. Hooray for actually completing fun ‘someday I’ll do that’ stuff from our overflowing Pinterest boards… love these girls, their awesome blogs and their awesome ideas that we all get to participate in! Mom and I are excited to participate in our first ever Pinterest Challenge- woo hoo! The deadline is set as Wed May 8th (yikes!) so we’ll do our best to reconvene on these projects later this week… better get to work… well, real work for now, but then Pinterest work!

4 thoughts on “Turning Pinners into Doers

  1. I’m getting ready for my first Art And Craft show in June featuring my PeeGee Jewelry, so I need a sign for my booth and need to get it done.

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