I’m Lindsey and I heart DIY’ing, home improvement, and design. Mom is an artist at her core and is full time crafty since she and my Dad retired 5 years ago. Since my Mom and I live over 500 miles apart (and have lived generally at that distance or farther for the past 10+ years), this blog is our creative mixing ground to share with each other, as well as you, our latest endeavors in style and life. We discuss home improvement projects,  crafting and sewing, as well as some cooking and gardening to invigorate our family’s homes, health and happiness, all while keeping a frugal household budget.

Thanks for reading!

Email us at familystyleliving@gmail.com

Mom (Pam) & Lindsey

The Whole Family: Dad (Roger), Mom (Pam), Lindsey & Jon

5 thoughts on “About

  1. This is so great. Pam, you have always been so talented. Looks like Linsey is following in your footsteps! Hugs, Lynn

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