This and That

So much has happened recently! Major landlord chores to kick us off in 2015 including a flooded basement and failing AC unit. Eek. Hopefully I’ll get a picture of the final new product that is finishing up in remodel phase right now. Even though I don’t live there, it’s still exciting to get a brand new basement and bathroom! We added a bit to the insurance money to get a full brand spankin’ new bathroom, complete with redesigned plumbing and proper insulation, a new double pane window, heated floor, big tiled shower. The previous quick DIY job was not up to the task of record cold temps that Pittsburgh saw late this winter. Remember this from our quick redo in 2012?


Well, here’s where we are now. Pardon the not-great phone picture. So excited for a bathroom that’s not even finished… and not even mine!

new shower in progress rz

Down here in VA, we’ve initiated some landscaping work in our new yard, with my very own lilac, courtesy of O and Chad for Mother’s Day. The real gift of course was Chad chopping out all the overgrown twiggy shrubs outside our family room to make space for my lilac. (Chad convinced me he would need to purchase a chain saw for this- never did use it for this particular project… hmm….)

chopping shrubs

And we’ve been planting a few other items that I’m excited to get some pics of when they become photographable- think very sad hostas stolen and split from our other yard in PA, and dormant shrubs that are basically just sleeping sticks put in the ground for now (=economical landscaping!).

All for now, but wanted to share a bit of the spring crazy that’s been keeping us busy… oh, and bit of this as well 😉



o mechanic


Something New

After 8 months of only growing baby posts coming from me, time to get back to something new… but still baby-related because that’s our life now! 🙂  Oliver started experimenting with complementary foods this fall and we’re utilizing the baby-led weaning approach. Basically, it just means you’re letting your baby explore feeding themselves as opposed to doing the traditional spooned cereal, pureed veggies, etc. We’re kind of taking a hybrid approach I guess, which the purists would say isn’t baby-led at all. But whatever. Everyone’s gotta do what works for them! Anyway, one goal with early feeding is to make sure baby is getting enough iron and protein. So I was interested in getting O eating quinoa. Was messy by itself, sticking all over him and everywhere. But I found this recipe for some Sweet Potato Quinoa Balls and put my baby spin on them. They are the best!! Convenient to make and freeze, baby hand sized, and O usually scarfs ’em down. The original blogger’s pics are nice and pretty.

Here’s mine baking in the oven. Not quite as nice of photography.

baking balls

Her site has the adult recipe on it- basically, I just leave out salt and use baby cereal (basically fortified flour) with bread crumbs as the binder instead of panko. This way, they are whole-food-healthy, with the added benefit of the vitamins/minerals added to baby cereal… which O has eaten by itself about 4 times ever. That stuff is so gross!

o eating balls

Also, I’ve made them with roasted butternut squash, acorn squash and just today did the sweet potatoes. Just mash together equal parts of cooked quinoa (easy), mushed up squash/sweet pots, an egg (more healthy stuff), and enough bread crumbs/baby cereal to bind it up. I make the quinoa and roast the squash one day, then mix it up and use a cookie scoop to pop ’em out on a baking sheet the next day. They only bake about 15 min, until they get a baked skin on them. E-A-S-Y. We’ve been calling them nuggets. Pull a couple out of the fridge, nuke for 5-10 seconds. Yum. Perhaps if you have a toddler who only eats chicken nuggets, they could be lured into eating these instead??


Recipe: Quinoa Balls for Baby (adapted from Dash of East recipe)

1 roasted squash (butternut, acorn) or 1 large sweet potato

Equal amount of cooked quinoa (eyeball it and freeze the rest for next time)

1 egg

Approx 1/2 to 3/4 cup baby cereal and bread crumbs (I use about 50/50 organic oatmeal baby cereal, and homemade wheat bread crumbs)

Plus seasoning, like garlic powder, nutmeg, cumin, whatever new flavors you’re getting baby into 🙂 Just don’t add salt or spicy stuff for young babies.


Note: keep in mind regular guidelines for introducing new foods to babies- and obviously this contains egg and wheat if you use breadcrumbs!


Family Fest Over The Fourth!

DSC_0003Whew, I’m finally recovered from one of the best times in a while.  Seventeen of us were together here in Tennessee for the 4th of July. Everyone of our immediate family was here except my brother Steve and his fiance, Bridgett. We’ll see them next month at their wedding. We had both guest rooms filled, my mom had guests and my sister, Jody and Ed and their four kids stayed at a local hotel. There were no rentals available this year in Tellico Village. We’ll get on that earlier next time.

I really wanted this family gathering to go slick without me exhausted…ending in a company coma. I listened to Lindsey’s advice and assigned each family a night of providing dinner in whatever way they wanted. I highly recommend this option. It worked out wonderfully. I kept up on dishes, ran the dishwasher frequently and kept lunch stuff out everyday with the help of my sister, Jody. I did use the ever popular red solo cups and heavy paper plates as much as possible. We had leftovers everyday from the previous dinner which made lunches easy. Lots of salads of course. I also made some nasty good desserts so we always had something sweet. My sister-in-law, Kathy and brother, David provided a big candy bowl throughout the whole visit. We had drinks in a huge cooler in the mudroom and iced tea kept in the fridge. No one went hungry. Ed and Jody did burgers the first night with corn on the cob.

DSC_0036Grandpa Huntley made the corn cleaning fun. He is getting help from Abbie, Patrick and Andy.


Roger spent months planning for this visit. We were both very excited. We purchased an outdoor movie screen, projector and sound system. He even came home from our neighborhood yard sale with a Karaoke machine…which I wasn’t too excited about, but it was fun! People started arriving Wednesday, then Thursday and finally Lindsey and Chad and baby Oliver on Friday afternoon.  Wednesday night was “Despicable Me” and was our trial streamed movie.


DSC_0072We were very lucky with the weather. It was cool and the humidity was practically gone. We watched “How To Train Your Dragon” the next night. I loved those animated films. So good.

Finally Lindsey and Chad and Oliver arrived. Great grandma and grandpa couldn’t wait to see him for the first time.


DSC_0025He was the best baby the whole time.

We did so much that I”m going to stop talking and just let the pics tell the story.

DSC_0056Me and my sis.

DSC_0032The newlyweds, David and Kathy. We celebrated with a little wedding cake. They went to Vegas last Nov. and had a beautiful wedding.

DSC_0022The newly engaged, Jon and Kenya! Sounds like another gathering in the spring.

DSC_0043I forgot to mention…2 grand dogs. Thats Alivia and Andy with Ollie and Anna. You can’t see Anna there…but she is. Ollie is an old girl and thinks 7 month old Anna is a pain. She put her in her place a few times. Ollie preferred to stay here.


Other times were spent at the beach, the lake on the pontoon… in shifts of course. Oliver was well suited up for his first lake excursion.

DSC_0133Love those baby legs!


DSC_0146 He was a little surprised at first and then was very happy. Grandma is out there in the wings, but Chad was on it. No worries.

DSC_0162Then he needed an after swim nap.

DSC_0028Grandpa time.

DSC_0101Alivia and Abbie with Oliver.

DSC_0098We also had S’mores…gheesh…I’m getting tired again just reminiscing.

Last but not least. the whole family.

DSC_0096 It was all so much fun and I hope it can become a tradition. Family traditions set wonderful memories for the kids that they will hopefully pass on.

I’m going back to bed now. Toodles.


Thanksgiving Followup!

So glad Mom was able to get some Thanksgiving pics up in a more timely fashion than me! Wanted to add a few more to fill in our big T-Day weekend! The usual for holidays around our family is a pumpkin and apple pie that we baked up on Wednesday, as well as prepped for the big Thursday meal. It was such a treat to take Wednesday off and spend a day cooking with my mom.

mom and me piesAs mom mentioned, I pulled new recipes this year to make slightly lighter- or atleast from scratch and not a can- versions of our fav Thanksgiving fare. So one project for Chad was to use the new grill complete with side burner to do the freshly fried shallots to provide a crispy topping for a fresh green bean casserole.

chad fryingHe was also a stellar bird carver. As mom pointed out, this year I finally kicked the ‘cook a giant bird for dinner’ guilt by preordering a pasture raised local turkey. It gave us tons of leftovers for soup and more. And I felt good about partaking in the turkey enjoyment. We also did a wet brine this year using a 5-gallon pickle bucket from a local restaurant. I can’t say for sure how much difference it made, as this is only the third whole turkey we’ve prepared, but I think it was pretty good! This pic shows our finished pies as well, clearly the best part of Thanksgiving fare.

turkey carvingBesides lots of cooking, we filled out the weekend with some projects around the house. Chad and I picked up a crib and dresser at IKEA the weekend before so Dad was kind enough to assemble all of it for us! What a great grandpa. As the nursery starts coming together, I’ll be sure to share more…

grandpa furnitureMom got to work on the felted wool sheep and border collie for our super cute mobile. Can’t wait to see that finished!

presheep wool

And this is also a great opportunity to update you on another step of furniture rearrangements- the moving of our bookshelves and a trunk into the dining room. This cleared up more space in the living room for our computer and the trunk clears space in the basement for the twin bed moving out of the soon-to-be nursery. I think it fills out the space a lot better. We also rotated the table a slight turn so it cozies up to the new furniture additions. Best part about this change up was that I finally got a spot to pull out all my colorful dishware and glassware to an accessible location for the first time since our move over a year ago. Hooray! I realize it’s not real baby proof, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now I’m enjoying having the glassware handy to enjoy a sparkling juice beverage or two 😉

dining room switchHope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgivings. After Mom and Dad left, we continued the Christmas deco work we had started that weekend, complete with new Christmas tree (so thrilled about that!!). So more to come and on to the next holiday!

Post Thanksgiving Update

I’m a little late in writing, but we did travel over the river and through the woods to Lindsey and Chads for Thanksgiving. It was so good to see her baby belly. I just can’t wait to see this new grandchild of mine. Lindsey planned a beautiful dinner and made healthy versions of the traditional meal. It started with a farm fresh, range free, antibiotic free turkey. It was purchased through a farmers market and there was line for pick up. Linds is as a vegetarian, and scientist in the nutrition and reproduction field and it is very important to her that we all eat right. ( I am with her all the way… but some of that bad stuff sure tastes good.) She will enjoy a bit of turkey when it is  raised in this manner. Here is a shot of the beautiful bird.


She buttered under the skin .


I love to cook in her kitchen. Newlyweds have such nice stuff. Today is our 38th wedding anniversary and I need new stuff!

DSC_0024 She stuffed the bird with fresh parsley, onion, carrots, and fennel bulb. I will use the fennel from now on. It has such a fresh pop of flavor. The ever popular stuffing was made in the crock-pot.She made most of the items the day before and we just assembled. It did make for an easier Thanksgiving day. She made a green bean casserole from a healthy version of the usual. Chad even fried scallions to go on top with a light flour breading. They were wonderful and prettier than the ones in the can.

DSC_0016She made her fabulous mile high apple pie recipe and it was so good. It’s truly a picture. She made the crust up from scratch of course, the day before so assembly was all we had to do. I whipped up the pumpkin pie and she made fresh whip cream. As I write this I am even more amazed at what a wonderful spread she put on, and 6 months pregnant at that.



After the big meal, we enjoyed the Westminster Dog show … much to the guys dismay. Its a tradition for us dog lovers. Then we went to football for the rest of the day. Our other tradition is watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It’s such a funny movie. We got that in the late evening.


Chad felt in a festive mood while all this food was being made and decided to put up the outside lights.


The holiday season has started. Roger went to Home Depot and bought remote controls for turning the lights on and off from inside the house. They are so handy when the cold weather hits. Men love gadgets! We have them too of course. The rest of the time was setting up the village on her new TV cabinet and purchasing a grown up pre-lit Christmas tree. We found a tree at 50% off sale at Target. Its full and beautiful. Pics later.



We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Day o’ Apples

Got my day of apple picking in over the weekend! We made a day of it with our local friends, Tania and Robert. We went to a local orchard out of town a ways to do the picking, but I don’t have any pics of the place because it was so dusty (no rain for awhile) and I didn’t want to bring my camera out in it. Plus, even though it was October, it was strangely about 90 degrees (not exaggerating) that day, so with two pregnant ladies traipsing through an orchard on a hill with a couple bags of apples in summer heat meant no one was interested in hauling a camera or stopping for pictures. Fortunately they did have an ice cream stand 🙂

apple pile

We brought our haul (a variety of probably about 5 different kinds) to their house and Tania got started on her plans for putting some fruits in her dehydrator. Besides the apples, she sliced some heirloom tomatoes and peaches. The process was simple- medium thick slices of everything and the apples were topped with a splash of lime juice (to prevent browning) and a sprinkle of sugar.

tanias dehydration.bump

All those slices looked so delicious and pretty!

sliced dehydrator closeup

After dehydrating overnight, here were the apple chips she ended up with. I’m told Robert couldn’t stop eating them so I think they were a winner! They definitely look great!

dried apple chips

Meanwhile I got started on a pie. Three elements to my pie: 1) crust, 2) sugar-spiced apple slices, 3) crumb topping. I usually peel apples for a pie and I make the slices relatively thick because I think it’s nice to actually feel like you’re biting into apples when eating an apple pie, not too mushy.

prepping pie.bump

I also like to use a mix of sweet/tart eating apples (try Honeycrisp some time) because a delicious apple to eat also makes a more delicious pie. Here I used a variety based on what we picked, a few granny smith, another green variety, some fuji’s and some others I can’t remember (or never identified because we were just picking all around anyway). I also like to use about twice as many apples as any typical pie recipe actually calls for.

piling pie

It takes a little hand structuring fitting so many apples slices into a mound that stays put, but I usually get it about this high and then palm the crumb topping all over.

high pie

It bakes down a bit and then you end up with this beautiful mounded pie. YUM. Depending on the juiciness of your apples, it may get too liquidy. You can sprinkle some cornstarch into your apple mixture as you fill the crust, avoid pouring the juice from the mixture into the crust, and I always carefully tip out some of the juice while it’s cooling. Just don’t dump your pie into the sink or burn yourself trying that!! Always makes people nervous when I start tipping the pie over the sink… Tania’s oven is convection so I think that helped prevent it from getting to runny this time as well. It was sooo delicious! I just love apple pie 🙂

cooked pie

Meanwhile, the boys drank beer and ate chips and I think Robert was in anguish over my piled too high pie or something 😉


But we also got to see one of his most popular photos displayed in their living room. Isn’t this a gorgeous picture?! Robert Drake Photography now has a brand new, and very nice website where you can view different prints and place orders. Definitely check it out! Many of these would make great gifts thinking about Christmas coming around… we are stilling enjoying our beautiful fox photo from Robert’s collection.

hung horse photo

All of the critters also had a nice day hanging out together. Ollie looks a little wary of her mom getting so close to a cat here… could be dangerous. She is so hilarious- totally transfixed on the cats, but won’t dare get too close!

me with pets

We all ended the day with yet another greater dinner a la Chef Tania. She is such a great cook.

tania making dinner

Our menu for this fall dinner was a new potato (dug from her own garden of course) and kale dish cooked with bits of bacon, a spice rubbed chicken breast and a really surprisingly awesome ‘paleo’ dirty rice. This ‘rice’ dish is actually blended cauliflower- no grain included. It’s all sauteed with bell peppers, celery, onion and spices and Tania added andouille sausage as well. It was sooo delicious. You could add anything you wanted into it and it would eat like a jambalaya. And the base is all veg so super healthy! I can’t wait to try it at home, and you can too because the recipe is conveniently right here. Trust me, this one’s worth a try. Even the boys gobbled it down.

dinner plate

And last but not least, a harvest weekend at the Drake household wouldn’t be complete without being sent home with a new jar of home harvested honey. This year we got an even bigger jar than last year– their bees are apparently really getting settled in and were working hard in 2013! Unfortunately we already ate a bit before I got this photo taken at home. It is so delicious, makes you wonder what that orange goo they put on grocery store shelves is actually made of 🙂  Hope everyone is enjoying a bountiful fall season as well!


Return to the Land of the Living

Finally! A weekend of productivity. After missing summer gestating on the couch (how do moms-to-be do this when they already have kids??), I have finally got my energy back and am so excited for fall! Perhaps it’s good timing with the pregnancy juices flowing or perhaps my favorite season was what was needed to snap me back into functionality again. So, nothing extraordinary, but here’s a quick recap on my return to reality. Picked up some mums from a local farm and garden stand and used two of the large pots we used for veggies (don’t ask how all that ended up with my retirement from lifting a finger around the house over the summer) to give these enormous mums a spot on the front steps.


Until now all we ever had on our porch was an entry rug. But I brought out the two chairs that were replaced by the repainted outdoor dining set we did for the back deck. They provide a nice spot to sit while Ollie’s doing her business out front in the morning, which usually involves a few minutes of squirrel watching this time of year— lots of squirrels busy around our neighborhood. Ollie is beside herself. I also remembered I already had a faux fall wreath in the basement so out it came and, voila, we’re getting ready for fall.

whole porch

I also took this opportunity of having my camera back in my hand and some beautiful weather to get a shot of the enormous maple tree at the end of our street. I pass it by each morning on my way out to work and I can’t believe how fiery red it already is.

maple tree

I love maples because we had one in the front yard of the house I grew up in. It served as a backdrop for family photos on occasion and also provided many piles of leaves to jump in. So now I enjoy passing by this one every morning.

maple leaves

Besides also doing the obligatory weekend laundry and grocery shopping, I even whipped up a pot of cheddar potato-veg soup. From scratch. Without a recipe. And didn’t curdle the cheese. Miracle!!

potato soup

AND if that weren’t enough, I finally used the bananas I’d been tossing in the freezer to make a semi-healthy cookie, a favorite of ours, the banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book from 1963. Definitely the best loved recipe book in my house. Pretty much every cookie I make has come from this book, though I have made a few modifications to some over the years. Homemade soup and cookies… finally being a good wife again 😉

banana choco chip cookies

And for the periodic bump update, here’s me last week. Now we are at 18 weeks, but you can see there’s definitely a little bump growing!

week 17 bump

Anywho that’s my triumphant weekend return to reality. Hopefully the momentum continues. I think we’ll add some pumpkins still to the front steps and since the farm stand where I bought the mums also has local apples for a steal, I think there may be a fall apple pie in our future as well. Hope everyone is enjoying their fall season too!

Eating Your Greens

Is it really Wednesday already? Hope everyone had a lovely and safe 4th of July holiday. It was weird having a Thursday holiday, then back to work, then the weekend. Had my routine totally confused! And then it always feels particularly difficult to have to go to the office a full 5 days in a row after a 4 day week- how quickly we forget real life…

Anyway, summer is very very much here now and I enjoyed a fantastic salad at a cookout recently that I wanted to recreate. It was basically a spinach and pea salad with parmesan cheese, but after doing a little googling I found a Pesto Pea Salad recipe that I thought was probably hitting the mark the closest. Plus, I wanted to try making pesto from scratch because my basil is growing like gangbusters and I needed a reason to cut it down. So the spinach, pesto, pea salad… talk about getting your greens! The main ingredients are pesto, pine nuts (but I used walnuts), baby spinach, and frozen peas. You could by pesto in a jar of course, but I was using the pesto I made the day before and stored in the frig. So, for prep work- chop up the nuts and cook and chill 2 cups of the peas.

The rest is just assembly. Tossing the pesto (4 tablespoons) to coat all the spinach (2 1/2 cups) was probably the trickiest part since pesto is more of a paste than a liquid dressing.

tossed with pesto

But then all you do is toss in the peas and the nuts is a ratio you like, top with some parm cheese and you’re done!

finished salad

This was a great side salad at the cookout I was at, but made a nice light lunch as well. Super nutritious, summery and yummy. Here’s the actual recipe from Food Network to give you more specifics:

2 cups of frozen peas
2 tablespoons pignolis, toasted (see note) (Psst… This is just a fancy word for pine nuts- I had to look it up!)
2 1/2 cups baby spinach leaves
4 tablespoons pesto, recipe follows
Cook the peas in a pot of boiling salted water for 1 minute. Immediately immerse the peas in a bowl of ice cold water, and drain when fully cooled.
To assemble, place the spinach leaves in a salad bowl. Sprinkle the peas and pignolis over the spinach. Add the pesto and toss.
Note: To toast pignolis, place them in a dry saute pan and cook over medium heat for about 4 minutes, until evenly browned, tossing frequently.

The recipe at the link above also gives instructions on making a homemade pesto, in which I also used walnuts in place of the pine nuts. It was super easy if you have a lot of basil on your hands. Hope you’re all soaking up summer while it’s here. An extra perk at our new place is a neighborhood pool, so we will have to check that out soon. Have a great rest of the week!

Sprucing Up…Up…Up…

My neighbor down the street was last seen stuck up in the air of his rental cherry picker. One neighbor came to our house to see if Roger was home to get Tom down. Most of the men were out of the neighborhood that day, but I knew when Roger got wind of that beautiful piece of motorized metal he would start to drool and find a need to use it. Tom finally figured out what was wrong and was able to finish painting his house and there it sat in his yard. Sure enough, Sunday Rog came in and announced that he planned to help Tom with the rent of the cherry picker by borrowing it and trimming up our trees. We literally live in the woods. There are trees all around us and big ones left in our yard. So he got the notion to get up and clear our view a bit . We do have the Smoky Mountains in our front yard view. It’s beautiful and it’s now even more so.


So the golf carts started to arrive… because that is what you do around a retirement community. Someone could need your help or advice. Us women sat up the lawn chairs and poured some fresh fruit Sangria. Rog worked diligently for several hours with the help of our friend Barry. He helped Barry take trees down last year in his yard. You can see Barry through the equipment.  Rog was very careful the first round making sure everything was level and solid and then began to trim.



This is in the back yard. He dropped 20 foot branches and the 3 of us pulled them all to the street. The guys did a bit of chain saw action of course and we lucked out and everything was picked up on Monday. I will show you the view before…

blog 015blog 016

and the view now.

DSC_0050 DSC_0052More light will really help the front garden beds. I’m sure that is why Roger wanted to borrow the equipment. It really looks great from the front door. Good job honey! You the man!

It really does make a house look bigger and cleaner to have branches out of its face so to speak. I think it looks tidier. People get over zealous when they build a house and pack it full of trees and plants. You really need to keep the landscaping in check to make your house look nice.

Here is a picture of our front yard when we bought the place 5 years ago this month.

tellico new house 032


Now is that amazing or what? You can actually see the house now. We have taken about 20 trees down in this yard and it keeps getting better. That many less leaves to clean up too. But you can really see how landscaping can get out of control. It makes the house look smaller…although the old shot was also before 3 additions. Happy trimming.

Veggie Patch Polish

Final update on the deck garden here. Everything is finally transplanted and spread out to start growing up. In the end, everything pulled through from seed starting to now, except for the cucumbers (boo). Currently, the pots are spread across one corner of the deck where they get the most sun and are opposite of where the patio set will go. Look how much everything has grown since I started transplanting! It’s crazy how stuff takes off when you give it some room to grow.

full spread

I continued to thin the carrots until I had just one per slot, aiming for 3 rows of 4 carrots in the square pot. A few weeks ago they looked like this…

transfer surprise carrots

And now you can see them growing like gangbusters one by one in the rows… yum.

carrot rows

The zucchini has also taken off and I’m going to try to get part of it to grow upwards onto this tomato cage to help save some of the viney spread. At the bottom of the photos is mixed lettuces, then up to green beans and the black pot next to the zucchini behind that is one of the tomatoes. The tomatoes have continued to struggle since being outside, but I keep covering them with a glass vase when the weather is cooler so they get steamy and that seems to have helped them bounce back. The random grassy shoots in the tomato and lettuce pot are the spring onions- I just ran out of pots and thought I’d try a hybrid potting approach 🙂 The smaller pots on the right are cilantro and parsley.

left wing

On this other side is the other tomato (fighting hard to grow still!), and I stuck an extra basil plant down on the edge (tomato and basil, makes sense right?). The rectangular pot has a different type of lettuce with some random spring onions, then there is basil (that smells so delicious!), dill, lavender and my dear little hyndrangea across the bottom. I am totally wow-ed by how much the little hydrangea cutting has taken off now that I repotted it. I could get into the business of growing free shrubs.

right wing

Lately we’ve had a ton of rain so things are really growing well. As for the patio furniture, I had to give us another week. Last week I came down with a cold and basically stopped functioning in any capacity above going to work so that, plus all the rain, has meant zero progress was made from last Sunday through yesterday, basically. Just one more chair to finish paint removal and sanding on, though, and then everything can be painted and we’ll finally be done. We’re also grill shopping currently (hooray!)… so I can’t wait to finally have a totally pulled together deck to enjoy for the rest of the year! It’s like getting a whole new room in the house… and one that produces food to boot.