Mom In The Delivery Room

Hey everyone it has been too long since I have posted on our blog, but I’m back and plan to get at it once again. Its been a few busy years with the birth of our granddaughter and  and my mom or better known as great grandma. We lost Pat, my stepdad 2 years ago in February and mom has moved to assisted living. So we have sold her house, had an estate sale and moved her into her new digs all in a 10 day span. Whew was that work.

Now to baby Greta. Lindsey shared her birthing story and thought maybe I would have a few words to add. All I can say that there is nothing as beautiful as watching your grandchildren come into this world. It is hard to watch your daughter at times especially in that transition and pushing stage. She let out a couple of primal screams that about sent me to an anxious state, but her Douala got her under control and all went well. As a nurse I can take all that comes to a patient, but when its your daughter it can get worrisome.

I do thank her for giving me that special time. It was amazing.


I always heard there is nothing like grandchildren and boy is that the truth. Well I promise to get back to my blogging. I have lots of new things I am working on. I still create almost on a daily basis. Its my passion and I get so much joy in my studio. But the greatest joy is the grand kids. I know Roger agrees. He is still refereeing volleyball and loves it. He is a volunteer Citizen On Patrol with our local Sheriffs department and really enjoys that  too.  More later. Gee it felt good to get a post out again.

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