Foxy Photography

This is the second fox-themed post on our blog within darn close to a month, this being the second to Mom’s fox quilt. This is a fox of a slightly different nature, or actually straight out of nature, however. I’ve mentioned our awesome friends that also live here in Northern VA, Tania and Robert before wen we went to their place to can tomatoes last fall. Well, among their many talents (gardening, bee-keeping, carpentry, etc), Robert is an excellent photographer and has been since I met him almost 10 years ago. He recently started printing and selling some of his most select photographs and I’m so excited to be an owner of one now! We purchased our first properly printed, matted and framed piece of photography– which is exciting in and of itself when most of the artwork on your walls is either DIY or wedding photos– but coming from a great friend (and talent!) makes it all the more special. I love the phrase he created on the label, which is on the back of the frame. If you can’t read the find print on your screen, it says, “Photography is not art. Since the invention of photography, it has been, and still is, about the capturing of nature’s art.” Love it!

drake label. did

If you’re interested in purchasing a piece of your own, you can check out other photographs and get in touch with Robert through his Facebook page for Robert Drake Photography. I’m so proud for Robert to have his own business since his photos have always been so amazing and now I have my own legit signed piece 🙂

drake sig

Anywho, without further ado, here is my sweet little squinty fox. I love how the contrasting matte and frame set off the shading around his ears and nose. I just love this photo.

photo framed

I think I may redo the photo arrangement above the couch in the living room to incorporate this guy, but for now we are enjoying Foxy McSquinty in the stairway where’s there’s lots of natural light and we get to visit him every trip up and down.

fox in stairway

Thanks for the beautiful photo Robert! We look forward to building our collection 🙂

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