The Big Overhaul

Since you saw my house in the game night pics, I thought I’d share how it started.

This is the sunroom as we saw it the day we bought the house. Just to the left of the table was a door to the deck.

This was the living room. Behind the fireplace was the deck. There was a tiny sliver of a window to the left of the fireplace. To the right of the fireplace was the sunroom with the door to the deck. Well this is where we blew the wall out.

This is a shot of the house before we pushed the wall out, removed the fireplace, the trees, the deck, the door and moved the window and it went on and on…

This is where our crew started to remove the wood-burning fireplace. The room was so small that when we first moved in, our son, Jon, told us not to burn in the fireplace because our coffee table would probably start on fire. Ha! He wasn’t too far from the truth.  So the guys built a stud wall before they could tear out the real wall. This would give us 12 x 12 more feet and make the living room and sun room one big open space. I told you I watched HGTV– you can do almost anything. They did have to add a huge beam over the addition and so far it’s working!

This is the pretend wall. Then they tore the real wall down. That was fun and scarey at the same time. After it was successful, the contractor said, “not bad for the first time.” Probably a contractor comedian line.

We would wake up to contractors walking in through a wall of black plastic and plywood every morning for about 3 days. I just prayed we wouldn’t find deer in the living room in the morning. Next, we waited for cement until 6:00pm that was supposed to be there by 10:00am. Whoops! I think I had 6 sweaty guys sitting around ready for cement in 96 degree temps. Lots of water.

This shot shows the open new space with a real door and window. No fireplace. Wood bead board ceiling , sheet rock walls and subfloor. Our wood floor is sitting there in the packaging acclimating to the indoors. Next came paint, and wood floor and lighting, and crown molding and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and then furniture.

Ain’t she perdy? I am so happy with this transformation. Not to say there weren’t headaches with this project, but well worth it in the end.

The two matching recliners didn’t work. They were defective, so now we have two different chairs, his and hers.

We have moved things around a bit and added a desk behind the couch. It all worked out well. Now if he would just let me makeover the master bath. Hmmmm!

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