It’s time to round it all up and review what we’ve been up to in the past 4 weeks. Mom & I have shared some new projects, home happenings, and other such stuff, and we’re really enjoyed bloginating them too. It’s fun to get others’ input and it even helps keep us on task for taking the ideas in our head outta there and just getting ‘er done. Mom dished on the outcomes of some of their home renos that have been in the works over this past year with a kitchen upgrade

a new enlarged living room

and sweet little sunroom sitting area.

Wowza! That is a lot of  home improvement going on… Mom also shared some antique shopping finds, pieces that help bring the charm to this modern cottage.

Meanwhile, over at our casa, Chad & I have been getting busy in the garden… wait, that didn’t come out right. We’ve pulled some weeds and been mixing things up out there! Mainly we reworked the neglected deck garden so that it no longer looks like this…

… but instead is looking like this after investing $0, and just a few hours of work. Definitely progress.

Mom made some progress on her Challenge Quilt, featuring her Tennessee Backyard. She even showed us how to paint! fabric to make an art quilt, like with these leaves. Pretty nifty.

She also shared the latest additions, including the pond complete with cascading waterfall and the first of the critters, to be incorporated into her quilt.

And along the way, we had some fun with Mom’s good ol’ fashion game night with the neighborhood gals,

… my mini weekend trip away with some treasured girlfriends,

… and another weekend visiting more fabulous friends where I learned to can tomatoes.

We also shared our first Style File to help inspire Natalie’s family-friendly living room makeover.

And last but not least, I shared my new favorite go-to recipe for getting my daily dose of veggies in one easy cooking maneuver per week. I enjoy this recipe every time I make it, because it just gets easier and I can start to mix it up a little bit with the flavors and seasonings. I might even venture out and try using chickpeas next time cuz I’m crazy like that.

All in all, a pretty busy second month on our little blog. It warms our hearts when we see your comments, so don’t hesitate to leave a thought or two. Happy Friday!!

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