Budget Kitchen Remodel: Dust, Dust, Dust

Just an update today- lots happening in the kitchen over the past two weeks. Last week was mostly about planning, plumbing, patching drywall, sanding, smoothing, mudding, sanding and whole lot of dust. Chad took the lead on the plumbing work which involved moving our sink drain in the kitchen back wall down a few inches to accommodate our plan for a deeper sink and adjusting the supply fittings under the sink. We had a day off work together where we dropped O at daycare and tackled the countertop cutting and fitting, as well as dry fitting the apron sink which was a lot of serious work to get done. More details on those processes later (how to do your own countertops with only a circular saw and $200!). Everything else we do when O goes to bed at night so pardon the bad photo lighting. Here’s some pics to welcome you into our mess 🙂

I came home from a meeting last Thursday night and found our sink on the curb and Chad waiting for me to help carry the countertop outside to join it. I was thrilled! Like, literally, I was thrilled to find pieces of my kitchen on the curb. Progress!!

kitchen disaster sink out

The following week was a loooot of drywall repair. The three places at the countertop sides (far left, far right, and next to frig) were damaged badly by removing the tile. The main wall we were less worried about because we have a different plan for that wall. So, I spent about a week patching and repairing. I used a puddy knife to scrape as much old grout away as I could, then used mesh drywall tape to cover really bad spots where the wall was ripped. Then patiently applied joint compound, let it dry, sanded smooth, repeat, repeat as needed.

drywall patching

One end was really badly damaged when the counters came out so it seemed easier to cut the whole part out and patch with a new patch piece of drywall. You can by just small patch pieces about 2′ by 2′ for a few bucks that are easy to work with so it’s a good way to go. 
cut out patch
hole patched

We opened up our new IKEA Hammarp countertops in birch and worked on the cuts (see lots of measurement notes in previous post!) last Friday. And it was soooo exciting to place that first piece on the cabinet box and start to see my vision come together.

first countertop piece

We also worked on modifying the sink cabinet and dry fitting all the pieces in their places. Sad part was to take it all back apart for us to finish the work on the back wall, but was exciting to see it all fitting together! We did it this way because this was the only day we could both be home with O in daycare to get all the cutting, fitting, cutting, fitting, sanding, fitting again, etc done and have it all ready to go for installation later we were ready for those steps. Can you begin to see the vision too?

countertop dry fits

We made more progress this holiday weekend that I’ll get updated later, but here’s the list til here. The list hasn’t really changed much since most of the work we’ve been doing has been prep work (plumbing, patching, etc) but it’s about to start moving quickly! And still under my 2K budget cap 🙂


Redo backwards plumbing to sink and dishwasher (currently reversed and feeds only cold water to dishwasher!)

Remove floating cabinet, repair dining room floor

Remove upper cabinets

Remove backsplash tile

Replace countertops

Install new sink and faucet

Replace hood with over the range microwave

Sell current hood and microwave on CL

Install backboard to backsplash wall to ceiling

Install open shelving

Install backboard on island, bar attachment?

New ceiling light

Install undercabinet light

Paint inside pantry, new door knob

Install hutch to dining wall, paint, move light switch

Paint remaining kitchen walls

Replace flooring