Hello Summer

*Sorry earlier visitors- technical difficulty with photos today! Please enjoy all of Diane’s cheery pics now uploaded correctly!*

One of my friends, Joyce, who frequently leaves comments on the blog, found a wonderful flip-flop wreath on Pinterest. She suggested that Diane, another one of our friends and readers should make this because she is a flip-flip nut. We had to share to convince ourselves that summer really is on its way to the rest of us!


Diane lives in Florida most of the year and thought the wreath was a must have. So she and her husband Jim, decided to try the DIY project. Diane thought it was time to own a glue gun. They headed off to Hobby Lobby and started to gather the goodies.


They started with a wire wreath form. Then they punched two little holes for wire to attach each flip-flop.

loops in

She then hot glued a mixed supply of plastic rhinestones to the flip-flops in different designs.

glue gun

She hot glued areas on the flip-flops that touched or overlapped another flip-flop to give it more support.


When everything was dry they hung it next to the door.

hanging up

Isn’t it cute? Well done Diane and Jim. Kudos. It’s fun to see things replicated from Pinterest. How did we ever get along without Pinterest?!