Budget Kitchen Remodel: Shopping and Demolition

Let the games begin. I warned/promised Chad I would not dilly dally on moving this kitchen plan along. So, the shopping began. IKEA, Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe’s… a living room full of boxes of beautiful things I can’t wait to install (and a pile of old stuff building up to repurpose or trash). IKEA delivered our butcher block counters and Domsjo farm sink, but was so late on the delivery day, they later returned our entire $99 delivery fee. Yay!

shopping pile

Taking down cabinets and existing lighting was rewarding. Someone put lots of extra screws in weird places so this was kind of interesting to get done.

chad start demo

Then I took Oliver for a long walk over a couple of evenings while Chad cracked away at removing the old tile leaving this lovely mess.

tile out

We later decided to just take down all the cabinets, including the two that will go back up, because we’ll need to raise them anyway and it will be easier to do the wall finishing we have planned- more on that later. Nothing like spending money on a pile of waiting-to-be-installed shiny things and demolishing half your kitchen to light a fire for getting this project done! Yet, after getting this far, we learned our new over-the-range microwave should ideally have a dedicated circuit. For that matter, there are other electrical adjustments we wanted made in the house (additional circuit for future bathroom and bedroom in basement, additional 220 circuit for future fantasy master closet washer/dryer) so we had to hold up a couple weeks to get an electrician friend to come set us up (for a bargain, but still some unanticipated expense). So this has been our kitchen the past two weeks- functional, but a little dangerous looking and certainly not pretty 🙂

tile cabs all out

Needless to say, the kitchen has become mostly off-limits for little feet and hands… “Dad, what are you doing behind the fridge?”

gate O

But now we have our new wiring and are ready to attack the final wall preparations (moving microwave vent up in wall to allow better clearance above stove, put in receptacle for new dedicated microwave circuit, put in outlet/junction box for under cabinet lighting switch). That’s where we are now… and making lots of lists and measurements for getting the wall planking (oops, just spilled the beans a little on that!) and countertops cut and installed next!

There may be some late nights and longs days without sink and plumbing ahead soon, so please help keep us motivated! Also, let me use this platform to thank everyone for the birthday gifts and wishes these past couples weeks!

List update:

Redo backwards plumbing to sink and dishwasher (currently reversed and feeds only cold water to dishwasher!)

Remove floating cabinet, repair dining room floor

Remove upper cabinets

Remove backsplash tile

Replace countertops

Install new sink and faucet

Replace hood with over the range microwave

Sell current hood and microwave on CL

Install backboard to backsplash wall to ceiling

Install open shelving

Install backboard on island, bar attachment?

New ceiling light

Install undercabinet light

Paint inside pantry, new door knob

Install hutch to dining wall, paint, move light switch

Paint remaining kitchen walls

Replace flooring


2 thoughts on “Budget Kitchen Remodel: Shopping and Demolition

  1. Hi Oh how we love it when you keep telling us what you are doing. It is fun to hear about your bargins. As you know we are dutch and we love to do things nice but we like to watch our pennies. It is fun when you can make thing look nice with a special price. We also love the pictures we get of little Oliver. He is so cute. We love your Family Style Living e-mails. Love you! Grandpa and Grandma S.

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