Budget Kitchen Remodel Plan & List

Time to share the plan forming up for the kitchen. I know it will take us some time to get it all done. But here’s the general plan and our to-do list at the bottom of the page. I look forward to crossing these things off over the next several weeks- hopefully mostly done with it before October?

Kitchen photo plan

The apron front sink from IKEA with new faucet butcher block counters will look like this, where they also retrofitted an existing sink cabinet to accommodate the apron front. With this choice we can get a bigger overall and deeper sink that will still fit the width of the existing sink cabinet and will have a great look also. I was torn about not having an undermount which I loved in Pittsburgh, but I know we’ll love this too.

Once the cabinets are down and that back wall is redone, we’ll add rustic open shelving, hoping for a look sort of along these lines…

And I’m leaning towards this light, similar to a Pottery Barn light, but from Overstock for a fraction of the price…

And here’s the to-do list!

Redo backwards plumbing to sink and dishwasher (currently reversed and feeds only cold water to dishwasher!)

Remove floating cabinet, repair dining room floor

Remove upper cabinets

Remove backsplash tile

Replace countertops

Install new sink and faucet

Replace hood with over the range microwave

Sell current hood and microwave on CL

Install backboard to backsplash wall to ceiling

Install open shelving

Install backboard on island, bar attachment?

New ceiling light

Install undercabinet light

Paint inside pantry, new door knob

Install hutch to dining wall, paint, move light switch

Paint remaining kitchen walls

Replace flooring

4 thoughts on “Budget Kitchen Remodel Plan & List

  1. I think you have your mother’s energy and creativity. The room will look great, but you’re making me tired thinking of all that work. Thanks for sharing.

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