Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel… a woman with a (new) plan

So this is happening at our house now:

step 1

Some back story… when we moved in last December, I had plans for a quick kitchen remodel on a 2-3K budget. People told me I was nuts. Kitchens cost 20K and up. Upon moving in, they got to me and I too agreed and thought “the cabinets have to go, they are too crummy and not worth the time to repaint” and the “layout doesn’t work,” everything needs to be redone to really make this kitchen right. So my mental budget for the kitchen grew and the plan brewed and brewed. Then we paid the tax bill (some unexpected quirks with my fellowship and maternity leave stuff, rental property, etc), then our Pittsburgh basement flooded and the central AC up there died… and I always toss around in my mind how a potential second child (no, no, this is not that) will clean us out with doubled daycare costs. So the big kitchen gut was seeming farther and farther away. (this is what your kitchen looks like when you skip dishes and paint instead)



Then, I learned about a new paint my mom used on a project I’m sure she’ll share soon- that is specifically designed to paint old wood furniture without sanding and priming. And I realized my desire for open shelving in the kitchen would largely eliminate several cabinets and having to paint them anyway. SOLD. The kitchen plan was reborn (again!). This time, I’m diving right in before I change my mind 🙂 To satisfy my need to NOT spend money on something I eventually would really rather tear out, etc, the budget is quite small. I’m calling this a 1K remodel (while allowing for 2K when all is said and done- I know how these things go!). I will organize the plan more and share that, but for now, here’s what our base cabinets will look like. Recognize the hardware? I’m going to use the pulls I put in our rental a couple years ago, but removed before moving out. So, that’s $0.

finished drawer

The amazing paint I’m working with is a bit spendy for paint but has great coverage, so one quart will get the base cabinets done easily for about $30. More to come, but just wanted to kick things off to share the chaos I’m starting in the kitchen, and involve you all to keep me accountable to getting this project done quickly and affordably!


4 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel… a woman with a (new) plan

  1. It is always so much fun to get your redoing jobs, they are always so neat and you are so ambitious. We love hearing from you and love love the pictures you send of Oliver and the remodeling jibs,,We are doing quite well. My knee situation is great but my back is horrible,but I keep going. Have done lots of canning already. But my dear husband is a great helper. I just had the family here for sunday dinner. Such fun.
    Work but I love to cook and I love company. I would love to do it for you too. We had pork shoulder, potato pancakes, corn, relish, homeade bread, jello cake and icecream. If it sounds good come over and I will cook for you too,ha i am sure you are packing already. Well gpa is resting and I think I will too for awhile. so long love you. GMA S

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