New Year, New Nursery

Yay! Project posting time! This year’s posts will be less text, less edited and more photos… or else they will never get done 🙂 Our first bedroom priority in this house was Oliver’s room so we could seal out any residual smokey fumes from the walls and other surfaces and get him moved in for good. Here’s his room the day we moved in. Day 1 we removed the fan fixtures and all window treatments and hardware.

O rm before

And the paint jobs in the bedrooms are slightly more tedious as we’re using an odor-sealing primer and, atleast in O’s room, doing the ceilings while we’re at it. So, first step we repaired all the dry walls holes from window stuff, as well as some phone wires and cables we ditched, and whited out this room with our super primer and started with a clean slate.


There’s only so many hours in the day, so much of this project happened at night, and where necessary, with O perched outside in the hallway in his highchair while we tossed him Cheerios between paint strokes. =super parents.

O paint chair

Ta da! Here’s the first peak at the paint job. We did a bright white ceiling that dropped down the wall one-fifth of the way and used the same grey we’re doing throughout the house (Benjamin Moore Moonshine) on the lower majority of the walls. Finally ready for decorating!

paint done

Don’t have them up yet, but our window treatments from West Elm just arrived! Clearance- $19.99 per panel! Couldn’t make curtains for less than that. Sad to be losing the curtains I so painstakingly made for his original nursery (while very pregnant), but this room has two windows so I would either be duplicating what I made already for the second window (which would take me another month or more to get done), or starting fresh. I opted for fresh and I’ll see how I can re-purpose the original one.

Can’t wait to get these up and start pulling the room together some more. Yay!

One thought on “New Year, New Nursery

  1. Love the paint job. I really like the white paint at the top of the gray walls. Looks so fresh. The new drapes are going to look great. Super job Linds and Chad.

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