December to Remember

The past month has been an exciting whirlwind! I’m not organized enough yet to put together a nice cohesive post about anything, but here’s a nice mish mash!

We closed on the house Dec 5th, did some initial cleaning, some painting, and worked on some initial key projects to make it livable (the prior owners smoked in the house so there were key issues to deal with up front for our health).  Chad also got right to trimming the very overgrown shrubs.

front of house

We moved in somehow on Dec 14th, took off to Minneapolis for family Christmas on Dec 19th, then returned for Christmas here with my family on the 23rd. I have become so behind in taking pictures, keeping track of projects… there is just so much going on around here! But here’s some before shots and some Christmas pics to give you a flavor of what’s been going on this past month. Basement family room below … the right door goes to a storage space, and the other doorways lead to upstairs, or stay left and go into the unfinished area and access to the garage.

basement before

No time for a Christmas tree, but this poinsettia brought over by a new neighbor worked just fine! Oliver got to enjoy Christmas trees and the grandparents’ houses. Here you get a sneak peak of the new carpet in the family room as well!

christmas tree

View from the front door Day 1. It’s a split level, with a dropped front living room. Bottom steps go to the walk-out basement, and at the top of the steps there are the kitchen/dining area and hall goes down to three bedrooms. Lots of peachy beige and brass going on.

entry before


kitchen before

One thing we had to tackle was painting these high areas while the house was empty and we could fit scaffolding and ladders everywhere. Definitely the highest wall I’ve painted!

high up edges

Since we have so much painting to do in this house (ultimately the entire house) we tried out a new gadget- a power roller system. Eliminates having a paint tray, pumps it straight into your roller. So far, a pretty nice trick for large projects, getting used to the clean out process. Will do a better ‘review’ some time later.

power roller

While the parents were in town, we hosted our first dinner party with Tania, Robert & Bear. Fancy, right?

first dinner party

tania boys

gma bear

gpa O

All for now, just wanted to get some pics out there so we don’t get too behind! Hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and we wish you a happy, healthy 2015!!


2 thoughts on “December to Remember

  1. Loved looking at all the pictures and the house looked so nice. Of course Oliver was so cute and sweet too. His big eyes are so precious to and looks so alert. Keep us posted. Love them. GMA

    • Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog! We missed seeing you at Christmas these year, but will try to get more update to date on the blog so you can see little Oliver growing!

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