Somehow November has arrived and I’m way overdue for some important updates!

First, O turned 7 months… and then 8 months actually but haven’t gotten those pictures done yet!

7mo brz

Second, we bought a house! Woo hoo! So excited. We finally took the plunge in our new state. Started out doing our homework, doing some more serious house hunting and came upon one that was just too good a fit to pass up. So suddenly we were under contract and we are exactly one month from closing on House #2. So excited to get to work on making this home our own and growing our family there. It’s a great little dead end street with a very cute neighborhood. Plenty of projects brewing in our heads… already bought a new foyer light on Craiglist to rehab- couldn’t help myself.

New house

So, looking forward to more on that front as we plan and we actually get IN to our new house. Somewhere online today I saw this ‘Countdown to Black Friday’ ticker up and my brain just stalled out for a minute. Black Friday? Isn’t that for, like, Christmas? I just know I’ll blink and it will be 2015. Our baby routine makes the days fly by even faster than before.

And, even though Mom already announced it, hello? My brother just got married! A whole wedding in just weeks of planning. So cool. Very excited for them because they are a really great couple and we’re so glad they found each other.

JK dance

The wedding was super fun and Oliver got to bust out the sweater vest- I’m biased, but he’s stinkin’ adorable.

O sweater vest


All for now, lots of exciting things on the horizon… so many more updates to come. And maybe I’ll even get those 8 months pictures done before O turns 1. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. What a big boy. Time is flying. I’m trying to decide if I should put the Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving since half the kids will be with the in laws for Christmas this year and all of them here for Thanksgiving. Its going to be fun keeping O out of the Christmas tree. He is very busy. Life is good!

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