Oliver’s Monthly Photo Shoot: 6 months

Has anyone noticed I post these later and later each month? Somehow the 6-month mark has been a significant one in my mind and I feel like I can no longer use the ‘I have a new baby’ excuse for being behind on things. We have had a rocky September however, with the decline and passing of our beloved Border Collie. But more on that yet to come. Today-though it is over two weeks late!- is for celebrating our little boy and his 1/2 year milestone. We have two teeth fully in and four more on the way, we are experimenting with real food and are enjoying lots of hilarious faces, we are officially mobile with army crawling around the place, and weighing in at nearly 20 lbs and over two feet long! And he is starting to get the Da-Da sound, to Chad’s great delight of course 🙂

6 mo sit rz 6 mo rz

I couldn’t hardly get a shot in where his “6 Months” was showing on his shirt, but we did our best! We feel very blessed to have such an easy-going, healthy boy. Excited to see what the next six months brings us all.

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