Oliver’s Monthly Photo Shoot: 5 months

Bad news… dropped our camera case in the airport and busted the lens so this month’s photo was done with the old snapshot cam and turned out a bit grainy! Good news… still within the extended service plan Chad bought with the camera when he gave it to me for Christmas in 2012 so it’s getting sent off for repair at no extra cost!

Oliver is growing fast. He took his first big plane trip to Minneapolis this past month which went great- what a travel trooper! He’s laughing and smiling a lot (though he is a pretty serious dude overall), rolls like a champ playing and sleeping on his belly all the time, and he is working on sitting independently. Next major milestones will be crawling and food outside of the world of mom’s milk! (pretty sure he semi-crawls around when we’re not looking already, particularly in his crib in the middle of the night!)

He also recently discovered his own feet 🙂

5 mo rz

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