Golf Cart Drive -In Movies

We have started a new monthly entertainment plan. It is very social here in Tellico Village and we wanted to come up with something totally different for our friends and neighbors.

So we decided on showing outdoor movies  on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Rog loves the hunt of purchasing equipment (or toys such as golf carts)…but this time it was for movie equipment. He researched  what was needed for a nice outdoor theater set up. We found a fantastic projector on Craigslist that was used at a church. He bought a new speaker that could be heard for miles away and a new outdoor movie screen. We went with a 10 footer. It has an easy set up frame and a stretchy slide on screen that stores away in it’s bag. It is made for outdoor viewing. He made a holder that stores the frame on the garage wall when not in use. The next step was to make a spread sheet…he loves spread sheets… so he compiled a list of friends and neighbors. I left this job up to him and just made sure he included a few he may have missed.

So we planned the first one and figured a Sunday night would be good since no one has to go to work the next day… aaahhhhh retirement.

We chose “Bucket List” for the first movie. Everyone was to come BYOB and snacks if they wanted.  Bring chairs or sit in their cart. We placed Citronella torches and candles all around.  Did I tell you that he invited 102 people?  I was nervous to say the least.DSC_0014

This is the screen. Rog mounted the projector on a tripod we already owned. It works perfect for setting the projector at the right angle.

We have a very large front lot with wooded lots on each side of us. We used the driveway and parking pad for carts and the front patio for chairs. Some put the chairs in front of their carts.

DSC_0012This picture is very early in the night. The show started at sunset.

DSC_0011We really had a nice night. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think it was a big hit. We have had people stop to give us their email so they could be included.

Could be a busy one next month.

I can’t believe it , but a neighbor just called with movie ideas for the next time.  How nice! I think they liked it. 🙂

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