Oliver’s Monthly Photo Shoot: 4 months

Our boy is growing up and growing BIG! He has teeth coming in, rolls over to his tummy in a heartbeat and is starting to laugh more and more! He’s becoming such a ham… and is still a great sleeper. We are lucky parents!

4mo rz

And just to revisit the growing process this past third of a year… here’s 1 month old again:

1mo a

and two months…

2 mo_2 resize

three months…

3 mo rz

and our big boy today at 4 months 🙂

4mo rz

As you saw in Mom’s last post, O also recently experienced his first swim in Tellico Lake with many more sure to come in his future. Later this summer he gets to meet the other side of the family on his first plane trip up to Minnesota. Pretty exciting days for this little guy!


4 thoughts on “Oliver’s Monthly Photo Shoot: 4 months

  1. Hi Chad and Lindsey and Oliver, It is so much fun to see him in a big change every month. We sure hope we get to see him in a couple weeks. Marlin said to come up on sunday to see you. We want to see him if he is so close . We are fine. Grandpa and Grandma S.

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