Gum In The Dryer

I had 2 weeks of wash to do when we got home from the Orlando Volley Ball Tournament. That is usually the first thing I get done after a trip. I have never experienced gum in the clothes dryer ever in my 39 years of washing for this family. But the hubs evidently kept gum in his back pocket and I had no idea. When I removed the dark load I was shocked to find the walls of the dryer coated with minty melted gum and white paper shreds everywhere. So I thought I’d pass this little trick on to you all. I grabbed the Goo Gone, after alerting him to the problem, and generously soaked some paper towels. I kept rubbing away at every bit of gum and got it all out.  I could not believe that there wasn’t any gum on the clothes.  Goo Gone is the way to go if this happens to you. I was very impressed at how fast it cleaned up the mess. I wished I would have taken a picture…but I was a little hot under the collar.  All is well again in the George home.

Now we await the arrival of family members that are coming for the Fourth of July. Nineteen of us and 2 grand dogs in all . I went to the grocery store today and had to ask for help to get both carts out to my car. BOTH CARTS!  That was a first, but the  cupboards were pretty bare. I’ve assigned  each family a dinner night that they get to prepare. We are soooo looking forward to having everyone here. We have some real surprises in store for everyone. More later! I’m off to decorate for the holiday.



2 thoughts on “Gum In The Dryer

  1. Yikes, when you said you posted something about Goo Gone, I figured it was for some ‘regular purpose’ kind of thing— but gum in the dryer!? I would have lost it… then pulled it together and now that I have this handy tip, simply cleaned it up… but, man oh man, that’s a good one!

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