Back From Orlando

I don’t know if I mentioned that my hubby, Roger, is a volleyball referee. He does tournaments all over the country and around our neck of the woods. Orlando popped up as an opportunity and I said “book it!” I was ready for 8 days in the sun. We stayed at a wonderful Sheraton Resort in Lake Bueana Vista. We actually went a few days early so he could have some fun in the sun before the referee job started. We went to Disney Animal Kingdom for the first time and I really loved it. You felt like you were in Africa. We checked out the Animal Kingdom Resort and it was so beautiful. If your room is on the back side of the resort, the giraffes and zebras come by for a visit. Of course every inch was done Disney Style. The decor was totally African motif. The lighting was beautiful. Lots of art installations and viewing areas to see the animals that freely roam the grounds. All the staff were in safari attire. I would love to spend some time there.

Cell Phone Pix 302


The first thing we did was get on the Safari. That was really fun and you get to see free roaming animals in their own habitats. One of the giraffes

stood in the road for awhile, so we just waited and took some great pics.


This is the Animal Kingdom “Tree of Life” Its pretty amazing. Animals are carved covering the entire circumference of the tree.


The Safari was beautiful. We saw Lions, Silver Back Gorillas, a Cheetah in a tree, and everything else that you see in the movie, “The Lion King.”

You wander through Asia too with all the detailed decor and restaurants and animals specific to that area. Rog road on the Himalayan roller coaster that includes a Yeti that tries to get you through the pass. I’m a roller coaster wuss, so I took pictures. I have never understood why people get a rush from feeling like they are going to die.



DSC_0173 He loved it! Disney sure knows how to make you happy. The place is meticulously clean.  The atmosphere makes you feel like you are really in these beautiful foreign countries… Ahhh Disney.

 After a day of fun, we headed back to the pool… Ahhhh the pool. We enjoyed some relaxing time and an adult beverage.

Cell Phone Pix 335

I’m getting better at selfies!

6 thoughts on “Back From Orlando

  1. sounds like you are adventurous folks, but good for you. Looks interesting. Bertha and Marv S. p.s. enjoy your blogs.

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