Our Family is Growing Once Again

We are very excited about the engagement of Jon and Kenya. Jon is our son and Lindsey’s brother. No wedding plans as of yet, but ideas are getting tossed around. We are so happy and love our new future daughter in law.

uG3j2bGhrsp74_nVIKilLcH-1uUF_TOtBYJ9nPWA-ObkUSewQvh08ZWR-_aaJon and Kenya have bought a house and have been looking for some ideas to decorate. Boy they know how Linds and I love to do that. They bought a 3 year old house. So that makes it so much easier to get started. Kenya wanted to step out of her box of neutrals and add some pops of color. She and Jon like modern yet zen too. Sooooo here we go. Rog and I spent a weekend helping them paint and showing both Jon and Kenya how to do the job. Even Rog painted. (It’s not his forte’) He did a really good job too.




I just had to take this photo. Kenya is a neat freak and I’ve never seen anyone vacuum out the dishwasher. But everything was sparking when she got through.

DSC_0014Two walls were done in this blue. They plan to lighten the back splash some day. We also talked about adding brushed nickel hardware to the cabinets.


DSC_0009 The happy couple.


A sunny yellow was applied to 2 focus walls and a very pale grey to all the rest of the walls throughout the down stairs and the master bedroom. They used the cobalt as 2 focus walls in the master. The house is full of bright white trim throughout. The colors looked so fresh. Their couch is charcoal and they plan to use a black and brushed nickel kitchen set. I don’t have pics of the place done and decorated yet, but after we left, they went to work getting the whole place decorated. It looks cozy and very zen. Rog and Jon did get the flat screen on the wall. It’s a man thing. I swear they would have done that first if we would have let them.

Then after the decorating… they added this.

DSC_0021Isn’t she a cutie? She is a beagle baby and spoiled. They are working very hard at puppy training. They are making good progress and we love her. Jon was raised with a Beagle, so I’m not surprised they ended up with one. She was a rescue pup. She is a lucky girl to be in such a loving family.


5 thoughts on “Our Family is Growing Once Again

  1. So happy for all of you! Congratulations! I love the bright colors. They remind me of Unnie’s house in Norway. Beautiful couple, beautiful home, adorable puppy, growing family. It’s so nice to hear all this happy news. Enjoy!

  2. So happy to hear that Jon found “Ms. Right” and they look so happy together! It’s so much fun adding someone special to your family – congrats!

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