Girls Weekend

Last weekend was girls weekend in DC. We did include Chad and Oliver of course for most of the festivities. We just couldn’t be without them. Lindsey, Natalie and Carly grew up together. They lived across the street. Needless to say, Sue and I shared advice and all that goes with raising kids. Natalie has one son named Gavin and Carly has a daughter, Sienna and twin boys named Graham and Landon.  Needless to say, they left their children home with their fathers for a well deserved vacation. I flew in Thursday so I could grandma sit my sweetness, Oliver. It was so fun and he was good as gold. He has sure grown in a month’s time. I went home with a worn out left arm from his weight.  He is a healthy breast fed baby. Sue, Natalie and Carly arrived around 1pm Friday and came straight to Lindsey’s house to meet  baby Oliver.



We all relaxed from traveling and  enjoyed Oliver. Lindsey got home from work, Chad arrived and we all went for a wonderful dinner together and much conversation.

We planned the weekend and tomorrow was visiting the city of D.C. Carly had never been there.



DSC_0047This shot wasn’t easy, but we tried. I had a few fad shots that I attempted. We had a lot of laughs over my selfies. Never shoot up!

DSC_0037The moms.

DSC_0070I loved the architecture of the Native American Museum. Lots of water, and such beautiful sandstone exterior. We toured the inside and Oliver had lunch.


Chad had a little problem getting Oliver’s sunglasses on right. He’ll get it figured out. 🙂 He’s such a good dad.


What do you think of that Grandma S?


Lindsey brought this great blanket and we all took a lunch break. Food truck food is the way to go in D.C.

DSC_0149Lindsey and Chad at the Capitol Building.

DSC_0153Natalie, Carly and Linds

DSC_0157Sue and I

DSC_0142We had the perfect day. There was even a breeze.

DSC_0143What do you think of my first selfie? I need practice. I won’t show you the worst ones. Whew!

DSC_0181Ice cream time. Oliver spent the time rolling over.

DSC_0173Sweet baby eyes. So precious in his Tigger hat.

DSC_0206This was the big thrill heading back to the car. The presidents motorcade sped by on the way back from the presidents speech at the Children’s National Medical Center. It was impressive. The secret service officer there yelled at us to get back and the whole crowd went silent. They do a great job of taking command of a crowd. Well, this ended the day in D.C. for Chad, Linds, Oliver and I. The other three headed to the monuments and we went home to give Oliver a nap in his bed and prepare dinner. Chad made the whole dinner. Grilled vege and chicken skewers with grilled pineapple. What a great hubby! Lindsey, you are a lucky girl! So am I.


DSC_0215We decided to spend the day at the outlet mall the next day. Chad kept Oliver and it was a shop a- thon. So good to all be together again. It was a great time. Needless to say, Natalie and Carly were in close contact with the little ones at home. I joined them just for the photo.


4 thoughts on “Girls Weekend

  1. What a great weekend it was! I like that you tell the true story, Pam – the good, the hilarious, and the embarrassing 🙂 I couldn’t pick a better group to spend my vacation time with!

  2. SO much fun! And I loved seeing baby Oliver in person – he couldn’t be sweeter! Nice pics, great memories, great friends! See you next time!

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