Our First Kayak Trip To Abrams Creek

Our neighbors , Barry and Jan, who got us interested in Kayaking, invited us to go  with them on Sat. We went to Abrams Creek about 45 min. from our house. We started on the river and paddled to get to the creek. We were hoping the Mountain Laurel was blooming when we got there…and it was. By the way, we drove our cars the 45 min to get to the river.DSC_0002This is Mountain Laurel and it is so pretty. Every bud looks a bit like a pie scored into pieces. You can see them floating on the creek like little cups.

We paddled for about 1/2 hour before we got to the creek. Kayaking is such a zen sport. It gives you such a  peaceful, happy feeling. Roger hopes I don’t start hugging trees. I do love nature though. It gives me all my ideas for my quilts.

DSC_0006That is Barry on the left, then Roger and Jan to the right. We couldn’t of had a more perfect day. We are entering the creek here.

DSC_0007This was the first time I took my Nikon with me. I kept it in a Ziploc bag and I have this great storage compartment behind me that stays dry. I was a little nervous about dropping it into the drink…but I didn’t. I really feel stable in my boat. I am surprised how confident I feel in it. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. The water is so shallow in the creek that you can see all the huge rocks on the bottom. The water is so clear.


 We kept paddling and looking at flowers and all the beautiful scenery as we went along.


DSC_0029Rog in his snazzy new boat.

Here started a little rapid area that we went through to get to still water and get out for a bit. Jan was first to go through.  Unfortunately I was the only one that couldn’t quite get through the current , so Barry gave me a little pull. It’s amazing how strong that current is and how hard you have to paddle against it to get through it. You also have to aim your boat right , but the current just didn’t let me. You have to aim through the huge rocks. Very fun.


DSC_0027Jan on the other side. You go girl!

DSC_0030Roger going through successfully. Anyway we all made it.

So we all turned around and came out. I got stuck on a few rocks, but got off without a problem.


DSC_0036So we paddled to a little shady spot and got out for lunch. Rog ate all the sandwiches in the boat, so I had an apple and power bars. He did leave me a few bites. He was a hungry man!

DSC_0040Here we are! This is one of the best things we have taken up and probably the most affordable! He really found us some nice kayaks. We are very happy with the equipment.  Barry and Jan are kayak and camping animals, we will be kayak and hotel wussy’s.

DSC_0043So back in the boats we go and start our paddle home.

DSC_0044We did a 5 mile kayak trip when all was said and done and we felt pretty proud. Let me tell you, we slept like logs last night. Monday we are planning to go to Lake Fontana. Talk about beauty. August we will have a 3 day overnight with the club at Lake Fontana. Tomorrow we will just go for the day if the weather is good. I LOVE KAYAKING!

2 thoughts on “Our First Kayak Trip To Abrams Creek

  1. You guys are amazing! We had hoped to kayak this year in Florida, but I guess we were too busy. Will give it a try later this year. Enjoy your blog and seeing baby Oliver. He’s so cute!

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