New Adventure for the Retirees

Well Lindsey is back to work and has entered the everyday hub- bub of getting everything orchestrated with baby and all, so she probably won’t be posting for a bit. However , Rog and I have a new hobby and we are pumped about it. We or I have wanted to kayak for the past 3 years. We have a neighbor who is head of the Tellico Village club The Soggy Bottoms. So they have inspired us. Roger loves the hunt for the right thing when he is on a mission. So he has been combing the internet from here to North Carolina for the perfect used kayaks. And they have both been found and purchased. We took our maiden voyage out in them yesterday and loved it. We did attend a trial day a few weeks ago where a local store brought out all the different styles of kayaks for people to try. I highly recommend you do that if you intend to take up the hobby. Like any sport, there are so many things to learn. The club travels all over to various lakes , quarry and rivers. So we needed boats that we could easily travel for miles. So we both ended up with Wilderness System boats and both are 14 feet.  Roger got the Carolina and mine is the Tsunami. We paddled for a bit on our lake yesterday and really loved our choices. In fact we are heading out in a few hours again to enjoy this beautiful Tennessee day. Here are the boats loaded. I’m too afraid to take my camera along until I’m more comfortable.


DSC_0001This is Rogers boat.

DSC_0005And the orange one is mine. For my friends that know me so well…yes I bought orange water sandals.

This coming weekend we plan to go with our friends to a place in the Smokey’s. More later.

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