Mother’s Day

I spent my day with my mom now that she lives here in Tennessee. It’s the first time we have been living  in the same town for almost 40 years. We went out to brunch of course with our good friends, Caroline and Gene, mom and Pat and Rog and I. We ate at a restaurant on the river where the University of Tennessee rowing teams compete and practice. It was a beautiful day and so nice to spend the day with my mom. Here is my photo of the day.


Happy Mothers Day mom. I love you.

Now Lindsey can share her 1st day as a mom for Mothers Day…

As a new member of the mom club, I was super excited for being a mom on Mother’s Day this year. We had a lovely day that included church in the morning, a trip to the farmer’s market opening and yard work. I realize yard work doesn’t actually sound like much fun, but finally getting outside with my honey to clean up the backyard and Ollie’s dog house for her return to the yard when I go back to work shortly felt great- got some sunshine and accomplished a task to better my 4-legged kid’s life 😉  Oliver and Ollie got me some new summery jammies- something my PJ wardrobe was really begging for especially after spending a lot of time in PJs postpartum- and some chocolates. I want to make sure to get a picture with my kids every Mother’s Day going forward, though I’ll say our first attempt wasn’t flawless. Ollie wasn’t thrilled about being forced to pose too close to Oliver and Oliver had just gotten up from a nap and was still a bit crusty about doing any kind of photos. But we tried nonetheless and here we commemorate my first Mother’s Day!

Mom and kids

Hope everyone had a great mom’s day!

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