Where Have I Been For So Long???!

I bet you have wondered where the heck I have been. I think my last post was Dec. It was a long winter for me with several health problems and on the other side the excitement of our first born grand baby…Oliver! I am feeling great now and I am loving being a grandmother. We have been out several times before the birth, during the birth and after. I wanted to leave space for posts for Lindsey to write about this little miracle of theirs and his growth and development. It just seemed right to give her the reins alone. I do have to say, she was such a wonderful daughter to include me in the delivery room. She was a trooper and it was beyond wonderful to watch the birth of my grandchild. Chad is a fabulous father and took over diaper changing and soothing little Oliver during fussy times  from the get go. They are both wonderful parents and in love with their boy. Ollie…not so much. She just hangs around and kind of puts up with him. She does like to sit in the nursery when Linds is feeding Oliver. I have to say it… your heart really melts when it comes to grandchildren. Everyone told me you won’t realize it until it happens and they were so right.

I have been busy with my quilting and added weaving to my repertoire. I have worked in the gardens and the spring flowers are beautiful this year. Rog and I learned to kayak today. A company comes to Tellico Village with all their various types and styles of kayaks. It’s a great way to try out different boats and see which one you like. We are very excited and loved paddling in the lake today. We are now on the lookout for used kayaks. We plan to join the club and do a bit of traveling with them to various lakes and rivers. I think it will be a fun way to exercise.

Well Lindsey has been after me to make a post. So I have now reconnected. So bye for now from Grandma G!



One of my latest quilts that I made for Kenya.



One thought on “Where Have I Been For So Long???!

  1. Congratulations again Grandma! That quilt is gorgeous. My computer is still broken and I don’t do so well typing on my phone. Tell Lindsey I have enjoyed her monthly baby posts m

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