Final Nursery Touches

We have reached the end of February and I’m glad to say have reached the end of our nursery to-do list, nearly at least. Thanks to all our generous friends and family (especially Mom!) we have a nursery filled up with beautiful and helpful decorations, clothes, pastes, creams, diapers, the works. We even have a slick noise machine that arrived from Amazon, but if you gave us this, please let us know because it didn’t come with any slip telling us who it was from! 🙂

nursery right

One of the last craft projects was putting up the chalkboard decals and having Mom work her nursery chalk-art magic. We sliced the decals into rectangles and she worked on colorful farm animal drawings to coordinate with our colorful, modern farm animal ‘theme.’

mom drawing chalkboards

This picture has some weird sun glare on it, but you can see they turned out so cute. I love this idea for above a crib because there’s nothing that can fall or be pulled down off the wall, just chalk on wall decals! You can also see here we finally got our sheep and Border Collie mobile hung.

nursery crib area

We hung it from a secure hook from the ceiling with fishing line (and super fishing knots!) with a swivel device in the middle so when the fan is on low, they twirl around above the crib. So cute! Thanks, Mom for all your hard work on felting each of these little critters; we love them and I know Baby will too.


So here is our completed room, with some farm animal chalk drawings, our sheep mobile, the running horse prints above the changing station all complemented by bright cheery colors and patterns. Hooray! It will be fun to take this a little further in a larger room and some paint in the future when we buy a house again. But for now, this is my favorite room in the house. I look forward to many hours in the cozy glider 🙂

nursery straight

So with all those little additions, that brings us to the near-end of the Jan/Feb to-do list. The one thing you can’t really see is the installation of the movement sensor baby monitor. You can see the unit sitting on the table next to the glider, but the rest of the magic happens under the mattress. We tested it out and it is pretty cool how sensitive it is at detecting the slightest movement and then alarming if the movement stops. Not a sure fire way to alleviate SIDS risk, but a little extra back up to rest easy at night. So, with that all we have left is a little more work to do in the closet, but that’s something I can work on over time since we don’t require a ton of room in there quite yet. At this point, we are at 39 week and a few days, so any time now! We (and my body) are sooo ready!

List update:

  • order fabric for curtain and pendant light projects
  • sew and hang curtains
  • clean cradle, restore-a-finish it up, fit foam for mattress, make mattress covers
  • complete fabric craft on IKEA pendant light, install dimmer switch in bedroom, hang up the light
  • hang mobile above crib from wall or ceiling
  • hang running horse prints & chalkboard decals
  • get small table for next to glider
  • add roller shade to window
  • get mdf board for mattress and install baby movement monitor
  • finish emptying closet & fill up with baby stuff
  • add accessories… and a baby!

2 thoughts on “Final Nursery Touches

  1. The entire room is adorable! So creative and cozy! You and your mom are amazingly talented ladies. Can’t wait to hear news of the baby! Best wishes for a speedy delivery (as Mr. Rogers would say). Take care.

    • Thanks, Joyce! We are hopeful for baby’s arrival soon… but I get the feeling he/she is not ready to exit quite yet. We will share the news around ASAP when it happens! Definitely in the next week and a half!

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