Light & List

The countdown continues, and so do the updates on nursery projects. Back in November we did a big IKEA run for our nursery furniture (crib, dresser) and we also picked up a KNAPPA pendant light. I wanted to do an IKEA hack to this fixture to hang in the corner since we don’t have an overhead light in that room. It came completely unassembled, but was actually super easy to snap together.

light assembly

The bulk of this light is about 40 thin white ‘fins’ that snap around the frame. In plain white, we thought it looked a little too soft and girly when we bought it, so the plan was to use fabric to create something that coordinated more with our gender neutral nursery prints. So, I used the dotted grey fabric from the curtains I made and a coordinating fabric in black to cover about half the total fins on the fixture. This involved a lot of tracing and snipping holes through the little holes in each fin that are used to snap to the fixture frame.

tracing fins

I thought I would need to glue the fabric to each fin, but then discovered that just snapping them in place held the fabric securely enough and it was really easy to put together. Took a few hours of tracing, snipping and snapping, but turned out to be a really simple project.

fin assembly

In the not-simple department, Chad was off at Home Depot while I was doing this creating a master plan for installing this light. If we owned our place, we would do a proper hard installation. But instead, we wanted to use the outlet in the room that was connected to the wall switch and change out the switch itself for a dimmer. The challenge was that the outlet we needed was, one, right next to the crib and, two, in the opposite corner of the room from where we aimed to hang the light. Chad found this outlet cover that installs over the entire outlet and expands outward with a rubber gasket to keep plugged in cords completely out of reach. The only way to open it is to use two hands to pull up the tabs on the bottom and side of the device. Very childproof! So this made us feel safe, even with it being inches from the crib.

outlet box

He also picked up several lengths of white wire covering, that looks like quarter-round at the bottom of the baseboard in this picture. We added some cable clips at the various joints and ran our wire up along the window to the ceiling to hang our new light. So now we feel like it’s super cute and super safe at the same time. You’ll notice here I also added a little table from Target (30% off for scratches that we can repair!) next to the glider… and, it’s harder to tell, but the icky old blinds are gone and we have a nice, cordless (safe!), double cellular gray shade up behind the curtains. The shade would have been $100, but was 50% from JCPenney. For this quality of shade, I thought that was a pretty good deal.
final chair nook

I was so pleased with how all these additions tied this corner together! I already sit here almost every night and can fall asleep easily in this chair. So, good to go for baby, right? Well, this does check several more things off the list. 39 weeks along now… so will try to get some final updates out soon before this bambino arrives!

List update:

  • order fabric for curtain and pendant light projects
  • sew and hang curtains
  • clean cradle, restore-a-finish it up, fit foam for mattress, make mattress covers
  • complete fabric craft on IKEA pendant light, install dimmer switch in bedroom, hang up the light
  • hang mobile above crib from wall or ceiling
  • hang running horse prints & chalkboard decals
  • get small table for next to glider
  • add roller shade to window
  • get mdf board for mattress and install baby movement monitor
  • finish emptying closet & fill up with baby stuff
  • add accessories… and a baby!

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