Rockabye Baby

Check! The sound of another completed baby prep project. This time we got our old family cradle ready for another generation.

finished with quilt

This baby had been in storage for awhile so was a bit grimey and had white paint rubbed on top of its edges from another piece that was sitting on top of it. So the plan was to freshen it up a bit and to make a foam mattress to fit into the bottom for safe baby naps.

cradle before

I worked the magic eraser to remove all the white paint that was rubbed along many of the edges and Chad did the Restore-A-Finish (leftover from the buffet project) wipe down and rub outside since that’s a little too fumey for pregnant moms. After a good buff down, it was looking a lot glowier 🙂

wipe down

We carefully measured the bottom of the cradle and cut some 2-inch foam from Joann’s to fit nice and snug in the bottom.

cutting foam

My goal was to create a slipcover for the foam itself and then a couple cozy covers that would serve as fitted ‘sheets’ for baby to sleep on. I did each following the same type of design that was basically like a pillow sham with the split in the back.

foam cover

To fit the mattress, I boxed the corners with a quick stitch the same length as the foam was thick…

boxed corner

… snipped those all off…

snipped corner

… which gave me a nice fitted cover over the foam mattress.

finished foam cover

I also used some 100% cotton quilt batting between some cheap blue fabric I had on hand to create kind of an absorbent diaper pad that I would layer over top of the encased foam before putting the cozy covers on so that hopefully any accidents didn’t get to the foam mattress itself.

diaper pad

The fabrics for the two outer sheets were baby flannels, one in a green dot and the other in a textured grey fabric. They are so soft!

outside cover fabrics

So you can see how the quilted layer just sits on top of the encased foam and the outer cover can fit right over all of that for a nice snug, but soft fit.

layered mattress finished

The cradle is still staying in the basement until we’re read for it in the bedroom and/or living room, but here it is all polished up and with a cozy new mattress and ready for baby.

finished no quilt

I’m excited we get to use the same cradle my brother and I slept in as babies. My grandpa made it for us at that time, hence the “G” for my maiden name. If we have a boy, though, he will have the same name as his middle name so that will be perfect! Now, to really satisfy me in my list checking, here’s the update. I definitely feel like we’ve got the more intensive projects under our belts now. The remaining things are getting simpler and simpler… which is good since we’re now less than 3 weeks from our due date!

List update:

  • order fabric for curtain and pendant light projects
  • sew and hang curtains
  • clean cradle, restore-a-finish it up, fit foam for mattress, make mattress covers
  • complete fabric craft on IKEA pendant light, install dimmer switch in bedroom, hang up the light- COMING SOON!
  • hang mobile above crib from wall or ceiling
  • hang running horse prints & chalkboard decals
  • get small table for next to glider
  • add roller shade to window
  • get mdf board for mattress and install baby movement monitor
  • finish emptying closet & fill up with baby stuff
  • add accessories… and a baby!

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