Keep on Sewin’

The theme of this past month is sewing projects! Once I had the machine out and all my implements set up, I wanted to tackle multiple projects. So when I ordered fabric for nursery curtains, I also ordered a large piece of quilt backing fabric (thanks for the tip, Cheryl!) for a project I’ve been mulling over for awhile for our bed. Last year we bought this lightweight faux down blanket at Costco and have absolutely loved it. It’s big, lofty, cool enough, but cozy enough. Seems to be the perfect combination of things for our room here, which is much warmer (third floor) than our bedroom (above the garage) in Pittsburgh. Problem was it wasn’t the prettiest thing and certainly not at all colorful. While I planning on doing a soft neutral bedroom for us, my inspiration just couldn’t fire up on that. So, when I decided to reback our new favorite bed blanket to make it more ‘duvet looking’ I went with a bright firey red-orange color. New plan for bedroom. 🙂 So, step one, I laid out both pieces right sides together (aiming to cover the beige side and keep the white side)… using the living room floor to stretch everything out.

layout blanket

After making things as smooth as possible, I opted to sew one side at a time since it was difficult to keep things from rumpling and shifting. So I pinned the edge smoothly across one side at a time and stitched down the outer seam using the walking foot for my grandma’s sewing machine she gave me years ago. It was awesome to use that foot! This would not have worked without that- bunched up mess it woulda been.

first stich edge

After carefully stitching a length, re-laying out, stretching, pinning and stitching another length until all four were done (except for leaving a foot gap for the turn out!), I trimmed the excess fabric away…

trim away raw edge

… and turned the whole thing right sides out. I hand whip-stitched the hole closed tightly which turned out nicely enough that you can’t even tell without searching for it. And I laid everything out again to tack through with a little white stitching in five separate places evenly spaced from the center to hold things together smoothly and keep it from shifting. I debated actually ‘quilting’ it using the pattern already on the blanket but opted for a few tack down spots instead for now. Could always change my mind later.

turn right side out

So now we have a totally reversible bed blanket that has retained all the features we’ve loved, but looks a heck of a lot more finished and worthy of being the top blanket on the bed.

blanket done with tacks

There’s so much we need to do in this room that has been mostly ignored the past year, but here is a start. Colored side up, nice and bright.

full bed colored up

White side up, nice contrast with the color peeking out.

new duvet contrast

So, there’s my surprise extra project to sneak in among the baby projects that are finally getting priority now that we’re only a month away! And it’s been a few weeks since a bump update- this bump is now no joke. Isn’t it amazing what the human body can do across 20 weeks’ time? It is getting large- I feel walrus like when I try to flip over in bed (which I do a lot). I feel pretty good overall, but it’s kind of getting like I have a medicine ball just strapped to the front of my body. Will enjoy seeing my toes again next month and sleeping on my tummy again!

12 25 35 bump

5 thoughts on “Keep on Sewin’

    • Thanks for the advice. I tend to run my self ragged on weekends accomplishing this and that, but I need to rest up too!! The biggest projects are done now, so I think I will start focusing more on that 🙂

  1. Hi Lindsey and Chad too, Oh Lindsey you do look like you should have that baby soon. You look like you will have no fat to get rid of after the baby, Like some of us have. You are a cute pregnant mommie.
    The blanket is very pretty. You, your mom, and Cheryl are sooo talented when doing quilting. Been thinking about Eric and Andrea as they are on the last stage of her waiting too for the precious little to arrive. We as G.Grandparents are anxiously waiting for that phone call. Take care and we love you. Grandpa and Grandma S.

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