Nursery Curtains… Done-zo

Probably the biggest item on my baby nesting list was making window treatments. I hemmed and hawed over fabrics and design on this one for awhile. Plus I haven’t really sewn much in awhile. I came to a final decision on color choices and such while trying to fall asleep in the nursery glider in the middle of one sleepless night several weeks ago. Atleast that night of pregnancy insomnia was useful! By the way, the pregnancy sleeplessness has been rare. I toss and turn a lot to get comfortable, but there was only one night so far when I actually got up and cleaned the kitchen and cozied up in the glider to debate curtain plans. Anyway, I made good use of this past holiday weekend— I had already ordered the fabrics I showed on the previous planning post from and got started on this project Sunday. It took a lot of crawling around on my knees to get this giant length of fabric squared up, and cut into two equal length panels. I started with 5.5 yards that got basically got divided in half to give me two side-by-side pieces.


However, the plan was not to have two traditional straight hanging curtains panels. Instead I wanted to combine them into one wide, solid panel that would be pulled over to one side of the window when ‘open.’ This would provide a little more coverage in a room that gets a lot of sun, but more importantly that option felt like the better choice after some others’ (including you Mom) advice to not have curtains hanging next to the crib. So to make sure things looked polished when I was done, I used a french seam to combine the two panels. Basically, I first sewed it together the ‘wrong’ way- with the wrong sides facing each other instead of the other way around. Then I trimmed it close to the stitching…

princess seam wrong sides

pressed open the seam, repressed it closed in the opposite direction with right sides facing each other, and stitched all the way down, enclosing my first seam.

stitch over princess

I thought it turned out pretty nice! So, now even though I have unlined curtains, they don’t look unpolished from the back side.

princ seam up back

I did the same procedure- splitting into two panels off of one length of fabric and combining with a french seam- to the polka dotted fabric. Then I matched the pieces at the center seams and attached them together. The plan was for this top part to be the rod pocket and little ruffly bit above the rod since I wanted it to look atleast a little bit cutesy for a nursery.

add polka dots

I steam pressed the long edges on either side all the way from top (including the newly added polka dot panels) to bottom to create clean edges.

press outer edges

Then folded over the top polka dot panels to create a rod pocket and ruffle. I just googled how wide to leave the rod pocket and found that for a 3/4″ rod, the pocket width should be sewn to 1.5″. So, one line of stitching went down the ditch of the seam between the yellow and gray fabric to create the fold-over, and the second went down 1.5″ above that to create the pocket. The remaining fabric would be the header or ruffley bit above the rod.

fold over dots

Ta da! Tired, sore pregnant lady at the end of Sunday night with a completed curtain panel— next day I ran out for the rod from Bed Bath and Beyond (with coupon!) and Chad helped hang them so I could check the length and do the final hem. I decided to use a simple rod I’ve used several times before because it brings the curtain all the way around to the wall (so it’s meant to be mostly hidden) and is quite inexpensive at $30 (plus 20% off). It’s also very easy to install and take back down.

panel done

So, on Monday we got them all up and ready for baby. You can see the polka dot tie back I made too– I used a little bit of white ribbon sewn into the ends to create loops that hook over a little cup hook we screwed into the wide of the window frame. I’m so thrilled with how cheerful and cozy these curtains help the room feel. Makes me excited to get more decorating done! I do still plan to replace the old mini blinds with a roller shade or something else without a string too.

finished curtain

Speaking of which… here’s the list I shared in the last post, but with a few things crossed off! While I was sewing up a storm Sunday and Monday, I also did some work for the cradle, so that will be coming soon! Just over five weeks until due date!!!

List update:

  • order fabric for curtain and pendant light projects
  • sew and hang curtains
  • clean cradle, restore-a-finish it up, fit foam for mattress, make mattress covers –> COMING SOON!
  • complete fabric craft on IKEA pendant light, install dimmer switch in bedroom, hang up the light
  • hang mobile above crib from wall or ceiling
  • hang running horse prints & chalkboard decals
  • get small table for next to glider
  • finish emptying closet & fill up with baby stuff
  • add nightlight, clock radio (for white noise & timing night feedings in the beginning), accessories… and a baby!

6 thoughts on “Nursery Curtains… Done-zo

  1. You look wonderful Lindsey and so does baby’s room. I was just thinking we had not heard from you in a while. It’s getting close! Your mom must be bubbling with excitement! Take care.

  2. Those drapes are SO adorable! I absolutely love the colors and patterns. It will always be unbelievable to me that you can just whip that up over a weekend. You’re quite a talented little mommy 😉

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