New Year, New Countdown

Happy New Year, everyone! As anticipated the past two months flew by with visitors and the holidays and I now find myself skidding into January with a mere 8 weeks to go until our approximate baby delivery day. In reality, I’m anticipating 7-9 weeks until D-day, with a limit from the OB that this bambino will be out in the real world by March 10 at the very latest. Those are single digit numbers of expected weeks and I know with work and baby preparations, those remaining weeks will also fly by! So, finally a post on our nursery prep, primarily as a checklist for what’s yet to be accomplished in the coming two months. Back in November, the nursery-to-be served as an office/extra guest bed room, containing my tiny college desk with our computer and a twin bed that comes in handy for company now and then. It is not a terribly large room, but should work nicely for a new baby.

nursery before

Today, the room is looking like this. So, to date we have accomplished:

  • moving out furniture (bed to basement and office to new secretary desk in living room, etc)
  • purchasing crib and dresser from IKEA, happily accepting Dad’s help to assemble during their Thanksgiving visit
  • moving in a cozy glider given to us so graciously by Chad’s boss
  • collecting some early gifts (wall art, mobile, quilts, books, clothes, etc) and online deals (chalkboard decal) to prep for decorating

The overall ‘theme’ is a mix of gender-neutral grey, black and white graphic prints mixed with fun colors and farm animals. You get a sneak peak of our sheep and border collie hand felted (by Mom) baby mobile here.

whole room furnished before

The first space to the right includes a dresser that will ultimately double as a changing table. For the wall here, we have a series of panels in grey, white and yellow of a running horse silhouette that will hang above this area. Mom got the prints from Etsy- so cute and perfect for the style we’re aiming for.

dresser wall before

The corner with the glider will have a cute pendant light hung from the ceiling because the current ceiling fixture is only a fan and we would rather hang a cute light in the corner on a dimmer than mess with altering/replacing the current ceiling fan fixture since we’re renting. The light we picked at IKEA will involve a little crafting so more to come on that project as well.

window wall and chair before

We will also replace the old blind with a roller shade or other updated blind and will hang curtains pulled to one side to cozy things up. Forgive the bad computer rendering 🙂

window wall and chair before curtain drawing

This is the planned fabric for the main length of the curtain- a cheery yellow woodgrain print.

And the top header and tie-back will be made with a grey and white polka dot fabric that coordinates with some of the crib sheets we picked out- and the pendant light craft.

The left corner is home to the crib and we plan to place a variety of shapes/sizes of chalkboard decals that we got several months ago on Living Social. We thought this would be a fun solution for a rental since we won’t be painting, but will allow some spaces for a little artistic work. We’re thinking chalk drawings of a lamb, piglet, foal, etc- which will also probably be mostly done by Mom who has a much better hand at drawing than I have! (thanks, Mom) My grandma gave us, well the baby I suppose, a little stuffed lamb for Christmas too so he’s holding down the farm animal theme in the crib corner for now.

crib corner before with text
The last project that needs to be accomplished prior to baby’s arrival is a fix up on our old family cradle. We want to use this in our room at night as a bassinet in the early days and then mostly use it in the living room as a nap spot. This cradle was made by my grandpa, complete with our family’s ‘G’ carved onto the end, and both my brother and I used it when we were babies. So I’m really excited to get it cleaned up and a new foam cradle mattress and covers made to use for our new addition.

cradle before

So that’s where we are now entering the new year and the new baby countdown. I’m not crazy stressed about what we have to do, I just want to enjoy pulling things together. I figure even if baby comes early, and God-forbid-the-decals-above-the-crib-aren’t-finished or something disastrous like that, our little newborn bundle will probably not notice 🙂 But, just to be organized and start moving towards the finish line, here is our pre-baby to-do list for Jan and Feb:

  • order fabric for curtain and pendant light projects
  • sew and hang curtains
  • clean cradle, restore-a-finish it up, fit foam for mattress, make mattress covers
  • complete fabric craft on IKEA pendant light, install dimmer switch in bedroom, hang up the light
  • hang mobile above crib from wall or ceiling
  • hang running horse prints
  • get small table for next to glider
  • finish emptying closet & fill up with baby stuff
  • add nightlight, clock radio (for white noise & timing night feedings in the beginning), possibly a rug?, accessories… and a baby!

As for baby ‘stuff’ we have one cloth diaper (bought one to check out before committing to a major diapering investment), 4 outfits, some burp cloths and bibs, a jogging stroller, high chair (was on sale at IKEA so got it early), 2 crib sheets, and a stack of baby quilts and blankets (several dug out from my baby days while home at Christmas). So we have a ways to go, but we are definitely getting somewhere 🙂 Happy to hear any advice you all have on what essential items to make sure we have in the nursery, extra things to keep in mind, must-have gadgets and the like. As I mentioned we’re planning on cloth diapers once we get past the initial newborn weeks, looking to use the BumGenius all-in-one Freetimes which are pretty slick in the cloth diapering world it seems. So any tips there are great too. Getting excited!

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Countdown

    • Thanks! I’ve been paralyzed on fabrics for weeks, but finally just went with something. I’m learning to let a project evolve, which means it might not be how I initially pictured or thought it would look, but hopefully better!

  1. Hi, Such fun for us to follow your plans for the new arrival. You are well organized, but we knew you would be. We are excited for the babies arrival too and we hope for pictures and Skype so we can follow his or her progress. Keep us posted, fun to read. Grandma S. 1-6-2014

  2. Love the fabric Linds. That will be beautiful! So exciting. I think about that little baby all the time. Can’t wait! The nursery is coming together . It looks very cozy.

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