O (new) Christmas Tree and Furniture

Merry Christmas, friends! Before the season passes us by, wanted to share some pics of new things going on in the living room. First, we got a new Christmas tree this year- woo hoo! Second, we have a new fancy home office hidden away in our living room…

tree corner w deskAs for the tree, I’ve been shamefully hating on the Christmas tree I’ve owned since college and the feeling intensifies each year. I was threatening quite hard to not even put one up this year because the thought of the teeny, chincy (sp?) one we had in the basement did not make me feel Christmas-y. But trees are expensive! I was not prepared to shell out 200-300 bucks on one… but then Mom and I happened across a Black Friday, well actually it was Saturday, sale at Target this year while the parents were in town for T-day. I found a great tree for $93.50- that’s 50% off!

So here was our tree from last year… sigh, it was cute, fine, but look how big just the tree skirt looks under that tiny thing! It just wouldn’t do anymore. And here’s a reminder of how the living room in general looked in this corner before the new secret desk moved in.

living rm2But check out this festive new tree! It’s bigger, fuller, has a variety of more ‘real’ looking types of branches. Oh, and I just love that is was less than a hundred bucks. Now I need to hit up the post-Christmas sales for new garland, ribbon, etc as some of what I had before just isn’t long enough for this grown up tree. To the right there is our beeeautiful new secretary desk from West Elm. I loooove the multi-toned woods on the front and the white cabinet ties in nicely to the new white cabinets under the TV. So, for now we have a little chair off to the side and just open things up when we need to use the computer. Functionally, it’s great because I envision this corner with the fuzzy shag rug being a nice baby floor play spot, and this cabinet keeps all the numerous printer, computer, monitor, etc cords safely contained inside the unit.

treeThe left cabinet has pull out shelves that house the computer tower, printer and stores other electronics and such. The right main cabinet folds down and we just slide out the wireless keyboard and mouse to get computing. Then close it up and all our desk mess is easily hidden away. Below are also some drawers, including a large file drawer. Genius.

computer open
We were also able to get our old family nativity out for the season, having a nice place to display it now. So after Christmas I’ll have to work out some new decor to adorn the new secretary. This was a relatively major furniture purchase for us- mostly meaning it wasn’t off Craigslist or from IKEA- but we’re very happy with the investment and it’s a great solution for emptying out the soon-to-be nursery but maintaining some attractive function in other parts of the house. And of course I didn’t pay full price! Got it at 15% off, not too bad.

And last, but not least, an up-to-date belly shot. I’ve made it into the 30s! I swear it isn’t just Christmas cookies in there— all baby— well, maybe part Christmas cookies. :-/ Yikes!


We hope you all have a very merry, safe and family-filled Christmas! Enjoy your Christmas trees!

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