Passion Flower Quilt Update

I realized just this morning that I left you in the lurk on my Passion Flower quilt. This is where I last posted my progress. Sometimes I get lost in a project ( or I probably had 9 other projects going) that I forget to post what I did next. So this is where we left off.DSC_0015

Then I continued with painting until I was happy. I fused the entire back of all my painted areas with Wonder Under 801. It is a paper back fusible that I use a lot.

Then I carefully cut out the entire flower and leaves with stems. In the background you can see my beautiful piece of green, blue and purple batik fabric that I used as background to fuse the flower too. It had all the perfect colors in it.


Doesn’t she look so lost and hopeless? My next step is to remove the paper backing from the fusing and iron it onto my background. This step is permanent… so you want to get everything placed perfectly.


This shot is before actually fusing it to the fabric.


This is the finished quilt. I gave it a dimensional look by adding two layers of batting under areas that I wanted to raise in the quilting. I first layered wool batting under the purple fronds that are coming out from the center and areas of the petals to give them a bit of interest. Wool batting has a springiness to it and helps the areas stand up. I then quilted the areas in an outline to cause these particular areas to protrude. Next I  cut the wool batting away from around all the areas that I quilted and sandwiched the whole quilt with my usual cotton batting. My next step was to heavily quilt the whole  flower and background. Only the areas that stand out in the quilt have 2 layers of batting . It is the first time I have tried this and it worked out pretty well. Now the good news is… this quilt was accepted into the Phoenix AQS show in February. With all the Christmas hubbub I thought I would just get this post updated.

Have a Merry Christmas to all!

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