A New Quilt In Progress … A New Method

My brother , Steve and Bridgett were here to visit in October. He once was a professional photographer, so when we get together we both have the cameras out and share all our pics. When he showed me this particular photo of a friends dog swimming with a stick, I knew that would be my next quilt. The subject has to grab me and this one did. Her name is Willow. She is a German Shepard. So I asked my brothers permission to let me make a quilt from this photo of his for the purpose of entering shows. He was very happy to let me do it and the quilt will go to him when I’m done entering shows. This is the photo.


DSC_0039This is Steve and Bridgett

And here is the start of the quilt. It is a method by the well known quilt artist Susan Carlson. You actually create your quilt by painting with bits of scraps of fabric and a dot of glue. You place glue in the center of the piece of fabric so you can tuck other pieces under each piece. When you are satisfied…you glue it all down with Aileens fabric glue. I have done several smaller quilts in this manner. This has a lot more area to fill. I really enjoy this method though. I keep a set of binoculars nearby to check my work. Some people use a reducing glass, but  I use the binoculars  backwards to view the quilt. The backwards binoculars blends the colors for you and gives you a great view of how things are looking all together.  I also take photos along the way for the same purpose. You can find areas that need changes so easily that way. Try it and let me know how you like it.

DSC_0012I draw my design on white or black, depending on your design. I start in the middle and work my way out. It sure makes a mess on the floor and I drag stuff all over the house, but it’s what I do. No worries!

DSC_0013You can see more detail here. The eyes always bring a quilt to life.

DSC_0016Now the stick is in place.

DSC_0022Now the water. The darkest water is in the front of the dog where all the turbulence takes place with swimming and pushing a large stick through the water.

DSC_0025And this is as far as I have gotten. I spend a lot of time staring at my design wall to see where I will add my next pieces. When this is all done, I will thread paint this quilt. That is where the real magic happens.Thread painting is my favorite part. I will continue to show the process of this quilt as it goes. Enjoy.

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