Thanksgiving Followup!

So glad Mom was able to get some Thanksgiving pics up in a more timely fashion than me! Wanted to add a few more to fill in our big T-Day weekend! The usual for holidays around our family is a pumpkin and apple pie that we baked up on Wednesday, as well as prepped for the big Thursday meal. It was such a treat to take Wednesday off and spend a day cooking with my mom.

mom and me piesAs mom mentioned, I pulled new recipes this year to make slightly lighter- or atleast from scratch and not a can- versions of our fav Thanksgiving fare. So one project for Chad was to use the new grill complete with side burner to do the freshly fried shallots to provide a crispy topping for a fresh green bean casserole.

chad fryingHe was also a stellar bird carver. As mom pointed out, this year I finally kicked the ‘cook a giant bird for dinner’ guilt by preordering a pasture raised local turkey. It gave us tons of leftovers for soup and more. And I felt good about partaking in the turkey enjoyment. We also did a wet brine this year using a 5-gallon pickle bucket from a local restaurant. I can’t say for sure how much difference it made, as this is only the third whole turkey we’ve prepared, but I think it was pretty good! This pic shows our finished pies as well, clearly the best part of Thanksgiving fare.

turkey carvingBesides lots of cooking, we filled out the weekend with some projects around the house. Chad and I picked up a crib and dresser at IKEA the weekend before so Dad was kind enough to assemble all of it for us! What a great grandpa. As the nursery starts coming together, I’ll be sure to share more…

grandpa furnitureMom got to work on the felted wool sheep and border collie for our super cute mobile. Can’t wait to see that finished!

presheep wool

And this is also a great opportunity to update you on another step of furniture rearrangements- the moving of our bookshelves and a trunk into the dining room. This cleared up more space in the living room for our computer and the trunk clears space in the basement for the twin bed moving out of the soon-to-be nursery. I think it fills out the space a lot better. We also rotated the table a slight turn so it cozies up to the new furniture additions. Best part about this change up was that I finally got a spot to pull out all my colorful dishware and glassware to an accessible location for the first time since our move over a year ago. Hooray! I realize it’s not real baby proof, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For now I’m enjoying having the glassware handy to enjoy a sparkling juice beverage or two 😉

dining room switchHope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgivings. After Mom and Dad left, we continued the Christmas deco work we had started that weekend, complete with new Christmas tree (so thrilled about that!!). So more to come and on to the next holiday!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Followup!

  1. Great pictures. It’s nice to see and hear what you are up to. Love how the dining room turned out. Your mom has that grandma glow about her, and you look adorable Lindsey.

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