Classy Cupboards

I talked earlier in the year about our plans to stay put renting our current home, a townhouse, for another year or so, but have goals of organizing and investing in improvements like furniture in lieu of flooring and paint like we’d be doing in a house of our own. For MONTHS I’ve had my eye on this versatile cabinetry at West Elm. The key thing about these pieces were that in a future home, they could be stacked or set side by side for pretty much any purpose- dining room storage, living room, office, bathroom. So, knowing we badly needed storage now and thinking long term, I just kept coming back to these same pieces. Primarily for this spot under our TV in the living room where this pathetic stick table with no cover and cords galore (=eye sore and baby strangle hazard) continued to loom. This was one of those spots where you just throw it together post-move in and think ‘I’ll do something else here later’ and then a year goes by and somehow your night table is still a cardboard box (also true story– a box from crate & barrel, but still…).

TV area before

So splurge I did recently, with a 15% off West Elm coupon and some real big kid furniture arrived a few weeks ago. Today I’ll show you how we prepped the new white cabinets to hold all our electronics mess for under the TV. Chad found these slick furniture hole finishers with little caps so you can cut holes and have a finished look in the end. And he got a circular cutting bit for the drill (sitting next to its packaging here).


We marked two spots where we needed cord holes through the back, just above the level of the shelf things would be sitting on so they would be hidden from view in the end. The new bit was a breeze and we popped two holes through without much trouble.

hole cutting

clean up holes

You can see how these plastic inserts polish off the rough cut holes so they have a ‘meant to be there’ look. And you can always place the caps in them to shrink the space or just cover them up if you no longer need the cord access in the future.

capped holesIn the opposite solid-door cabinet we finally have a place to store games and videos that were still packed in boxes in the basement. So we’re looking forward to having access to these again and it helps with our continued battle to move more stuff OUT of the basement when possible.

game cupboard

The next step will be to accessorize and slip some kind of covering to camoflauge the cords that are still visible. But isn’t this about 110% better? And besides looking better, all the excess cords are tucked inside safely so there’s no baby vs. cord hazards. I chose the glass front doors for the right side so the remote controls can talk to their different boxes inside and all our games and such are hidden nicely away behind the solid doors on the left. Perfect! I’m so excited to have real furniture below the TV. Now I can actually start paying attention to what we’re watching instead of staring down the stick table.

finished TV area furniture

4 thoughts on “Classy Cupboards

  1. Nice work Chad! LIndsey that looks so nice. I love that piece. Please throw the stick table away…or drop it off at Goodwill for someone else to use. What a difference!

    • But I thought you wanted me to save it for you! 😉 It certainly has come in handy here and there, but may be a crutch I just need to banish from the house to prevent future chances of it getting stuck in a room for a year looking naked!

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