Junk O Rama Prom Night

Part two of our recent vacation to Junk Gypsy Antiques Week.


We spent a day shopping the fields and then we decided to get to the prom area early to relax and get a seat until everyone arrived. It was hotter than hot and humid. Rog found two areas for lounging and we took advantage of it. This is one of the photo booths for the prom attendees.


This is the bar area before it was set up. The Junk O Rama Prom is usually in one of the barns. But this year, due to the JG’s (Junk Gypsies) opening the new store, they went this route. I’m sure they were exhausted getting this year ready. The girls said next year it would be back in the barn. This bar was set up to feature Miranda Lambert’s new wines.


This is one of the seating areas Junk Gypsy style. There’s my guy. I still can’t believe he took me to all this. He’s a prince! (Rog actually really enjoyed the whole thing! )


This was one of the fireplace mantels. It too was a great photo op for many.


Like this couple…


and these girls.


Love this group of friends. This is very typical of the way people came dressed. Next time I would love to dress up for it.


This is a picture of Miranda Lamberts label.


By the looks of my hair, you could imagine how hot it was. Whew!


Finally they arrived. This is Aime Sikes. She is a doll.


The whole crew was finally there. Jolie Sikes is in the long black dress on the left.


The Junk Gypsies graciously posed for pics with anyone who wanted a picture. So this is a sample of the Junk O Rama Prom. I’m sure you could Google them (or see their blog posts on the events here) to see all the professional shots that were taken that night. I still can’t believe I was actually there. We left soon after the arrival because we needed some dinner and a good night’s sleep. We were headed to Sedona the next day…

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