Back From Junk Gypsy Antiques Week

We are back from almost 3 weeks of travel. It was a wonderful time and we added almost 5000 miles to our car. Whew! The whole trip was planned around the Round Top Texas Antiques Week that I had learned about from watching the Junk Gypsies on HGTV. It is a twice a year sale of everything wonderful from vintage ephemera to European antiques. The Junk Gypsies and their family have their own tent and put on the Junk O Rama Prom every year. What a hoot. They also opened their first store in Round Top TX on their family homestead the very weekend I arrived. So I was beside myself to get there. The antiques week spread across miles of small Texas towns and farm land. It is really something to see. Our first stop was the Junk Gypsy’s new store and I was the biggest groupie and didn’t care. As soon as I arrived in the parking lot, there was Amie, the curly blond Junk Gypsy of the duo. She was tiny and cute as a bug and ever so friendly.

This is the new store in their ever so famous Junk style. It was beautiful and mobbed with excited shoppers.



They had pretty gardens all around the shop. The water tank is one of my favorite quotes.


Rog and I went inside and low and behold, both Amie and Jolie were there, and I couldn’t stop grinning once they said, “sure you can take a picture with us.”


If you think I look excited there, you should have seen the picture I deleted. There is a point. I was very happy though. They spent time answering our questions and were sweet as could be.


We headed towards the back of the store and there were the girls’ parents. They are frequently on the show with them. They too were accommodating and friendly. We took pics with them but I think I was so flustered to get the oh so important pics that I started to get blurry shots due to bumping a button that I hadn’t realized. So the picture of Roger and the parents is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.


This is the check out counter.



The photo of “The Sheltons” pistol sign is from Blake Shelton and their good friend, Miranda Lambert’s wedding . They decorated the venue for the reception. That was one of the episodes of their show on HGTV. The two girls grew up with Miranda Lambert and word has it that she was in town visiting her mom and helping  Aime and Jolie get the store opened up. Some people we talked to  had seen Miranda in WalMart and eating in some of the restaurants along the antiques trail. Evidently people left her alone to enjoy time with her mom and friends.


I also took this shot with  Jolie and Amie’s father’s permission. I had to have a long horn steer in my vacation shots and this particular steer is a very old guy that the girls used to ride when they were young.





So yes, I was ridiculously happy to see and meet the whole family and to touch the halls of Junk Fame.  We did ask when they will again have new shows. Right now it is all reruns. Aime said they had just finished shooting some new episodes in Knoxville. Knoxville is HGTV headquarters. Can’t wait to see what they do next. I will share more later on the antiques week and the Junk O Rama Prom. So exciting! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Back From Junk Gypsy Antiques Week

  1. Hi Pam, I am sure you do not remember me as it has been some time ago we met. I really enjoyed your pictures and story and always enjoy Lindsey and your blogs. Fun to see what you two are doing. Your landscaping was beautiful too. Bye

  2. My word… this is so fun! Isn’t it great to meet someone that you are a huge fan of and they are even nicer in person?! So very exciting. 🙂 Did you buy anything from the new store? I don’t think I could have left without getting something to mark the occasion.

    • Oh I sure did. Had to have a t-shirt and a travel cup. One of my favorite sayings is “All who wander are not lost.” I bought a soup mug with that saying on the front. Had a ball!

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