Return to the Land of the Living

Finally! A weekend of productivity. After missing summer gestating on the couch (how do moms-to-be do this when they already have kids??), I have finally got my energy back and am so excited for fall! Perhaps it’s good timing with the pregnancy juices flowing or perhaps my favorite season was what was needed to snap me back into functionality again. So, nothing extraordinary, but here’s a quick recap on my return to reality. Picked up some mums from a local farm and garden stand and used two of the large pots we used for veggies (don’t ask how all that ended up with my retirement from lifting a finger around the house over the summer) to give these enormous mums a spot on the front steps.


Until now all we ever had on our porch was an entry rug. But I brought out the two chairs that were replaced by the repainted outdoor dining set we did for the back deck. They provide a nice spot to sit while Ollie’s doing her business out front in the morning, which usually involves a few minutes of squirrel watching this time of year— lots of squirrels busy around our neighborhood. Ollie is beside herself. I also remembered I already had a faux fall wreath in the basement so out it came and, voila, we’re getting ready for fall.

whole porch

I also took this opportunity of having my camera back in my hand and some beautiful weather to get a shot of the enormous maple tree at the end of our street. I pass it by each morning on my way out to work and I can’t believe how fiery red it already is.

maple tree

I love maples because we had one in the front yard of the house I grew up in. It served as a backdrop for family photos on occasion and also provided many piles of leaves to jump in. So now I enjoy passing by this one every morning.

maple leaves

Besides also doing the obligatory weekend laundry and grocery shopping, I even whipped up a pot of cheddar potato-veg soup. From scratch. Without a recipe. And didn’t curdle the cheese. Miracle!!

potato soup

AND if that weren’t enough, I finally used the bananas I’d been tossing in the freezer to make a semi-healthy cookie, a favorite of ours, the banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book from 1963. Definitely the best loved recipe book in my house. Pretty much every cookie I make has come from this book, though I have made a few modifications to some over the years. Homemade soup and cookies… finally being a good wife again 😉

banana choco chip cookies

And for the periodic bump update, here’s me last week. Now we are at 18 weeks, but you can see there’s definitely a little bump growing!

week 17 bump

Anywho that’s my triumphant weekend return to reality. Hopefully the momentum continues. I think we’ll add some pumpkins still to the front steps and since the farm stand where I bought the mums also has local apples for a steal, I think there may be a fall apple pie in our future as well. Hope everyone is enjoying their fall season too!

5 thoughts on “Return to the Land of the Living

  1. I am so glad to see you got your ooomphf back. You look so cute. I can’t wait to see that bump in person. Your decos look great and you are glowing!

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