Fall Decor On The New Patio

I was reading the Graphic Fairy’s Fall Home Tour and began to drool over all the loveliness. It has many homes that are decorated for fall and a different one is shown each day. This is the link to see these homes. homes. So I went back up to my storage loft and began to pull out whatever I could find to make the front patio cozy. I have these corn stalks that look like the real ones without the mess, so I tied them together and propped them in the corner behind the love seat.DSC_0024I added my rusty bucket that I talked my mom out of, and filled it with a pumpkin and scattered some gourds around the base of the bucket. I added 2 stars that used to hang in the house and placed one of those black crows in my tall planter. ( I set him more up right after seeing this picture. Whoops) Nature is dropping some leaves for an added touch.


I hung an Oak leaf wreath on the door and put my old pottery crock in the corner next to the front door. I then filled it with fall silk flowers that I have had forever I always place candle lanterns on my steps and burn them frequently. It all looks good outside and I will probably be shopping for more Fall goodies for the future.

I love Fall!


Send some pics of your Fall decos and we’ll post them.

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