An Upcoming Expansion

It’s time, it’s time! Finally the big announcement to the blogisphere. Though many of you readers, our dear friends and family, already have heard, let this be our official announcement that my waistline and soon our family are expanding! Chad and I are pleased to share that we will have a two-legged addition to the family due to join us in March. Ollie is also pleased, well, she’s clueless, but I just gave her her chewable Heartgard tablet, so currently she’s pretty pleased.

We started doing a series of classic side shots to capture the growing bambino.

9 12 14 bump.resize

So I’m going to use the past 14 weeks to excuse myself from being a very bad blogger! Basically my entire to-do list for summer turned into naps on the couch. Somehow the beginning of pregnancy hits you like a truck, messing with your ability to eat and stay awake, which is a bit tough with a full time job and a respectable commute 🙂  But that’s okay because we actually felt really lucky to get pregnant on what was our first round of fertility treatment. I never really knew how this phase of life would go for me, so it was great to have things work so well so quickly. If anyone wants more info on the ovulation induction process, glad to share that too. Lots more to plan and do over the next 6 months, but will share as we go. This development could alter our plans on staying put in our townhouse for awhile too… so we shall see. For now, I’ll just leave you with a little inspiration I’m thinking of for a nursery. Could you picture one of these sheep being replaced with a Border Collie? Perfection!

9 thoughts on “An Upcoming Expansion

  1. Roger and I are soooo excited to be grandparents. I’ve been having a very hard time holding back the information, but finally I get to tell the world. We are so happy for you and Chad and you will be terrific parents! Life just got way more exciting!

  2. Hi Lindsey and Chad, You made us so happy when you told us about the little on the way. We are happy to be Great Grand Parents. I agree with others you will be great parents. Keep us posted as you progress. We hope a very healthy time for you. God’s Blessing to you and the baby. Gpa and gma S. We love you both so much.

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