Day 2 Front Yard Patio


This is a really neat process. I can see why contractors like to do this. I have a quilt patio. We actually started looking for concrete stampers and we were not able to find someone that did patios in the Knoxville area. We are glad we went the paver route. It so much prettier. You can add so much interest with patterns and colors of the different paver options.

DSC_0024  This is the patio in completed layout. Now tomorrow they will put a sand type mixture that will sort of fuse the joints. That is not what they call it , but after wetting the sand , it binds to itself and the bricks.

DSC_0025We are already so happy with the look and the size. Clean , clean, clean. No more dirt at the entryway. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get the furniture out there and I already have decorating ideas for the various holidays.

DSC_0026Now we wait for them to return to finish it all up today. Yesterday got delayed by some other job problem. But they promise it will be done today. After they fill the joints with the sand mixture they will build the dirt bed up to the edge of the patio and put our decorative rock wall back up to finish it off. Then I need to plant…maybe spring. We’ll see. We are definitely getting this yard trimmed down to low maintenance. We are also taking out the front HUGE garden weed bed that had all the beautiful flowers blooming this last spring. Now it looks dry and weedy and I would rather be quilting or making jewelry. I sound cranky don’t I ? 😦  Like I said before, retirement is all about doing what you love. I have lost the love for weeding. I think I will put my effort into beautiful potted flowers instead. I still love flowers! 🙂

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