Give Me My Mountain View Honey

You all must have thought we left the planet. It’s been a busy time for both Lindsey and I. We have to get our noses back to the grindstone. We do happen to have a great new project going on at our house so I will start sharing. This little house (which has been getting bigger through the years) is evolving and I”m having a ball doing it although it does get old waiting on contractors. We have a wonderful mountain view of the Smokey’s from our front door, so Roger likes to sit in the garage every evening.  I don’t love sitting on the “Redneck Riviera”, but I do it. Actually the neighborhood has come to the conclusion that it’s the Midwest people that like to sit in their driveways, so I’m not sure where that term came from. Anyway, I digress. We had the biggest Japanese Maple I have ever seen next to the sidewalk as you come up the steps. Why it was planted there I don’t know, but it was a mess and darkened or view.


So give Rog a chainsaw and lookout.


He and our neighbor Gene tied her up for safety and down she came.




Looks better already. It added more light in our house and we won’t have leaves to clean up.  Now the monster has been created.  Like I said, our view of the Smokey Mountains is treasured. Some days she’s not there due to cloud cover and some days she is as sharp and beautiful as ever. I love when its warm in our area and we can see snow on the top. It’s so pretty.


It  looks so much better and open with that tree down. We have talked about it for 4 years.  I do not know why we waited so long. We always knew how expensive a Japanese Maple was and evryone talks like they are so special. But not if it causes darkness to your entry. I am so glad we finally did it.

We have discussed in the past about how nice it would be to have a courtyard out front with furniture for friends to sit and visit. It would end the dirt mess, and we are really wanting to have less and less maintenance in this wooded yard. We have also been wanting shake siding on the front. Sooooooo Rog immediately started calling for bids and the next project has begun!

2 thoughts on “Give Me My Mountain View Honey

  1. Hate to see that pretty tree go, but you will love having more light and a clearer view. Can’t wait to see the courtyard as it progresses.

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