Happy Tears for 60 Years

With our most recent trip, summer travel is now officially behind us. This one was definitely quite an event and we wanted to share some of the details. This trip took us to Minneapolis for a very special occasion… Chad’s Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years! Wow. It was a fun, filling (midwesterners and their food…) and sometimes even tearful weekend. Wanted to share a few highlights of what happens when each and every family member of 4 generations gets together to celebrate…

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed some thoughtful presents inspired by memories from each of the family. Very sweet. [Insert many smiles and tears here]

gifts gma gpa

One of the several sweet surprises of the weekend was the grandkids (aka, Chad and his cousins) pulling together on a gift of 60 tulips to celebrate 60 years of marriage. Tulips are Grandma’s favorite flower… again, the smiles and tears!

gma flowers

We also enjoyed many laughs, even spinning Grandpa’s hat around for a boisterous pic with some of the boys.

gpa boys

The adorable great-grandchildren made for frequent and very cute photo ops all weekend long. I could have added about 20 more here, but I thought this one captured them pretty well. So cute.

gpa gma kids

A great feature of the trip for the whole group of nearly 30 family members was 1) the unbelievably gorgeous weather and 2) lots and lots of outside time playing various yard games.

kids baggo

And not just your typical lawn games. No. This family is serious! We had sack races…

sack race

three-legged sack races…

three leg sack gpa

a very intense few rounds of tug-o-war…

tug war

the occasional gloat…

eric celeb

wheelbarrow races…

chad wheelbarrow

three-legged races…

three leg race

(though, for the record, the girls were much more graceful at this!)

graceful girls 3 leg

intense water-balloon-on-spoon balancing races…

eric balloon race

and even some dizzy bat tee-ball.

cheryl homerun

Overall, lots of serious family competition… no joke.

serious chad

Chad also enjoyed his birthday on this big visit (numero 34), a day he shares with one of his cousins! So, it was fun to have a shared birthday cake, just like when they were kids having family birthdays all together.

boys bday

And of course, we had more cake for Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate their 60 years together and all that has since come of it. Congratulations, you two! Thanks for having a wonderful family for me to sneak marry my way into 🙂

anniv cake

5 thoughts on “Happy Tears for 60 Years

  1. Lindsey you did it again. What wonderful memories you put in words and pictures. You are the greatest. Grandpa and I really enjoyed these. We did have a wonderful weekend. We have talked hours since we have gotten home about our great time and wonderful family. Thanks Lindsey for this Blog. Now to the beauty shop for a hair do, much needed. Love you both. Gpa and Gma

  2. Looks like a wonderful fun-filled event. It’s so nice to see adults playing games like kids. That just shows how wonderful family time can be. Cheers to Gma and Gpa and 60 years of wedded bliss.

  3. That looks like such a great weekend! You sure did marry into an awesome family! What’s not to love about a group that can let loose and have a great time together?!

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